5 Channel Dash Cam for Car

The Best 5 Channel Dash Cam for Car

Date Time: January 05, 2024
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5 Channel Dash Cam for Car

   In the fast-paced world of technology, ensuring the safety and security of commercial vehicles is a top priority. Shenzhen Jimi IoT Co., Ltd. takes this commitment seriously with its cutting-edge V5 Series LTE dashcam system. Tailored for use in commercial vehicles, this feature-rich camera system goes beyond traditional recording, providing real-time insights and alerts to enhance driver awareness and road safety.


5 Channel Dash Cam

Key Features of the V5 Dash Cam:

1. Multi-Channel Real-Time Recording:

   The V5 Series boasts the capability to record up to 5 separate channels simultaneously. With 1 built-in camera and support for up to 4 remote cameras, it monitors various perspectives such as the exterior, cabin, sides, rear, and driver, whether the vehicle is in motion or parked. Some cameras even sound alerts to warn drivers or passengers of potential risks.


2. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS):

   Enhancing driver safety, the V5 Series includes ADAS and DMS algorithms. The DMS camera, optionally available, tracks the driver's face to monitor attentiveness, issuing in-cab alerts if needed. ADAS features contribute to overall road safety with intelligent assistance.


3. Critical Video Storage and Cloud Backup:

   Worried about crucial video footage being overwritten or deleted? The V5 Series addresses this concern by ensuring that data triggered by key events or the in-cab SOS button is saved to the cloud for later review or evidentiary support. This ensures that critical videos remain unaffected by loop recording and are securely stored for future reference.


4. Extended On-Device Storage:

   With two microSD slots on the main unit, the V5 Series allows for up to 512 GB on-device storage. This expansive storage capacity meets the requirements of long-distance transportation, providing ample space for storing essential data.


5. IVMS Platform:

   Operators can effortlessly manage their fleets using the dedicated platform,  This one-stop solution enables real-time monitoring of locations, surroundings, alerts, and other fleet information from anywhere. Alternatively, users can seamlessly integrate their own platforms with Jimi IoT's assistance through the interoperation process.


Applications Across Various Industries:

   The V5 Series is a versatile solution applicable to a range of industries, including logistics services, hazmat trucking, and school bus services, among others. Its adaptability makes it a perfect fit for diverse applications.



   Shenzhen YUWEI, Ltd. presents a solution with the V5 Series 5 Channel Dash Cam system. Packed with advanced features, this system redefines the standards for safety, awareness, and data management in commercial vehicles. Embrace the future of smart transportation with the V5 Series.

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