Android In Vehicle Infotainment System

Android based In Vehicle Infotainment System

Date Time: March 27, 2024
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Android In Vehicle Infotainment System

The YUWEI Android-based in-vehicle infotainment system features a 9-inch screen integrated into the vehicle dashboard, allowing connectivity to speakers, microphones, backup cameras, and cabin control units. It includes functions such as vehicle GPS navigation, vehicle status monitoring, vehicle networking, and in-car multimedia.

android-based in-vehicle infotainment system

The T7 is a central console based on automotive bus systems and remote information processing. The T7 provides cabin electronic solutions for automotive OEMs, including cabin domain controllers, LCD instrument clusters, and central display screens. As a core component of the vehicle cabin, this intelligent central console offers tracking, navigation, cabin domain control, in-car entertainment display, vehicle diagnostics, wireless communication, and more.


In Vehicle Infotainment System features:

  1. Real time GPS/BDS tracking

  2. Voice recognition

  3. Touchscreen assistance

  4. Dual video signal inputs

  5. Online music streaming

  6. Cabin controls

  7. Driving behavior analysis

  8. Rearview system

  9. GPS navigation

  10. Online weather updates

  11. Radio

  12. Bluetooth

  13. Entertainment

  14. Physical button support (multifunctional steering wheel)

  15. WiFi (STA, AP, P2P), BT + EDR support

  16. OTA upgrades

  17. Vehicle management (diagnostics)

  18. Tire pressure monitoring

in vehicle infotainment system

In Vehicle Infotainment System specifications:


Specification Description

Product Size


Power parameters

Operating Voltage


Power consumption


LCD screen


9 inches


1024 × 600


Support several channels

l  Standard   configuration: 4 channels, supports up to 8 channels (optional)

Operating voltage/current

l    Standard configuration: 1 channel 12V/1A   power supply

l    Optional additional 12V/1A or 5V/1A power   supply can be used to connect to 360 surround view equipment

Pixels (resolution)

l    Standard configuration: 2 channels 1080P +   2 channels 720P

l    Optional 2 channels 1080P + 6 channels   720P

recording function

l    2-way camera with recording function

Connector model

l    Adapter cable leads to aviation plug



l    Built-in MIC, make phone calls /recordings

audio   amplifier

l    Can support 4-way speakers

l  4 ohms/5.7W @ 13.5V   typ.


l  Support FM radio


Module model

l  P1311

Frequency Range

l  Support   BD/GPS dual mode

Tracking   sensitivity

l  -162dBm

Positioning   time

l    Cold start TTFF: ≤32s

l    Hot start TTFF: ≤1s

l  Recapture TTFF: ≤1s

positioning   accuracy

l  ≤2m

Speed   accuracy

l  ≤0.1m/s

Other features

l  Support   positioning antenna open and short circuit detection

4G communication


l  SC60 module

network   band

l  Full network   communication (LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, EVDO/CDMA, GSM)

SIM   card

l  Micro SIM card × 1


l  External FAKRA   interface antenna



l  SC60   built-in WIFI

supporting agreement

l  2.4G,   802.11b/g/n

Antenna type

l  Built-in   antenna



l  SC60   built-in Bluetooth

supporting agreement

l  BT4.2(BR/EDR+BLE)


l  Support   Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music


l    Built-in antenna, shared with WIFI



l    16GB ROM


l    2GB RAM

expansion card

l    TF card interface supports up to 256GB


Number of button types

l    Touch screen virtual buttons×5


Interface Type

l    Adapter cable leads to USB type A   interface

serial port


l    Standard 5-way RS232 interface

l    Optional 4×RS-232+1×RS-485

Peripheral power supply

l    RS232-1, standard equipped with 1 channel   5V/0.5A power supply

l    RS232-2, standard 1-way 5V/0.5A power   supply,

l    RS232-3, standard 1-way 11V/2A power   supply

l    RS232-4 , standard without power supply

l    RS232-5, standard 1-way 11V/1A power   supply



l    Standard 1-channel CAN, can support   2-channel CAN

Function Description

l    Connect to the original vehicle CAN bus to   obtain vehicle status information


6 inputs

l    1 negative input, emergency alarm

l    1 positive input, ACC

l    4 three-state input, function reserved

3 outputs

l    1 output, oil-cut electric relay control

l    2 outputs, function reserved

1 pulse

l    1-way mileage pulse interface

l    With power supply, optional mileage pulse   sensor; or the connected vehicle has mileage pulse signal.

attitude sensor

Functional   requirements

l    Support, used to detect impact, rollover,   etc.

Backup battery (optional)

Host   built-in lithium battery

l    Used for flameout status and position   reporting communication.

The standby time of the whole machine is more   than 30 minutes, and it can work for 2 hours in the flameout state.

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