Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking System

GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System

Date Time: March 15, 2024
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Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking System

The YUWEI fleet tracking solution includes geographic mapping and all the tools you need to determine which employee is closest to any new task and give you instant access to important vehicle and driving behavior information such as speeding or emergency braking.

Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking System

The GPS fleet vehicle tracking system can assist fleet managers in

1. Viewing vehicle and driver locations on the map

2. Switching between real-time views on the map and in tables

3. Setting routes and issuing alerts when drivers deviate from given routes

4. Finding the nearest vehicles, planning route directions, and sending emails to drivers

5. Activity visibility, including idle and parking times for each driver

6. Viewing real-time fuel levels for each vehicle

Track your business fleet efficiently and affordably with a simple GPS tracking system

  • The complete GPS fleet tracking solution provided by YUWEI offers fleet managers a comprehensive solution to track vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance needs all in one place.

  • Easy-to-install, durable tracking devices track the movement of vehicles, assets, and equipment, monitor driver habits, and optimize delivery routes. Access data through desktops, smartphones, or tablets with 24/7 global customer support.

  • YUWEI's fleet tracking system offers the tracking features you want at a price you like, allowing you to monitor driver habits, identify safety improvements, prevent theft, improve fuel efficiency, eliminate scheduling guesswork, and plan routes more effectively.

  • Real-time GPS tracking allows you to watch ongoing routes to know the latest vehicle locations, enabling you to allocate, modify, or transfer resources in real-time.

  • Geofencing and alerts allow you to specify geographic fence areas and receive reports and alerts when vehicles or assets leave your designated area.

  • Driver performance reports provide customizable reports detailing driver behavior (including bad habits), route replays, and tips for improving fuel efficiency.

  • Configurable text alerts (SMS) set a series of powerful alerts to notify you when fleet vehicles are used after hours, enter geofenced areas, exceed idle time thresholds, or exhibit unsafe driving behaviors.

  • Vehicle maintenance management tracks the maintenance schedules of each vehicle and reminds you when scheduled items are due.

  • Historical route replays allow you to review the history of vehicles through animated, interactive route replays that break down each day into detailed trip segments.

  • Route optimization allows you to plan and analyze routes and stops, evaluate performance data, identify deviations, and trends for corrective action through guidance.

  • Real-time scheduling embraces new business and efficiently schedules the nearest drivers when new work orders or unexpected changes arise.

YUWEI is committed to helping fleet managers easily monitor driver performance. Our GPS vehicle and fleet management software solutions are suitable for enterprises of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises with company vehicles to large enterprises with continuously growing fleets.

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