GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

Best GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

Date Time: June 21, 2024
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GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

The China YUWEI vehicle monitoring system operation platform adopts a centralized and distributed network management architecture. Based on advanced technologies such as 3G/4G wireless networks and GPS global positioning, it can remotely manage various types of vehicles with real-time monitoring, GPS positioning, video storage, vehicle dispatch, and alarm warning. It supports multiple remote management methods including personal PCs and smartphones.


GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

- BDS/GPS Real-time Tracking

- Remote Information Release and Voice Intercom

- Vehicle Warning Information Management

- Vehicle Operation Data Report Management

- Real-time Image/Picture Monitoring

- Remote Video Download Management

- Video Recording and Driving Track Playback

 Best Vehicle Monitoring System

Functions of the GPS Vehicle Monitoring System:

- Vehicle Monitoring

Real-time browsing via 3G/4G, on-site vehicle monitoring, effective supervision of driver behavior, and deterrence of illegal activities inside the vehicle.


- Beidou/GPS Positioning

Real-time, multi-object image positioning and map display, supporting electronic fence and linkage alarm light functions.


- Track Playback

Single vehicle track playback, historical tracks within a time period, supporting drag, fast forward, slow motion (1, 2, 4/8 times), and pause.


- Video Playback

Forwarding of historical video data from the front end and center (achieving on-demand and download functions).


- Statistics and Queries

Overspeed statistics report, alarm detail report, alarm statistics report, border crossing detail report, border crossing statistics report, basic information detail report, and log statistics report.


- Image Management

Display of single vehicle driving image information, graphical interface display of images, and simultaneous display of image thumbnails and enlarged images.


- Vehicle Management

Basic vehicle information management, organization information management, dispatch management.


- Warning Management

Warning source positioning, batch management of warning information, automatic/manual/delayed processing of warning information.


- Terminal Management

Remote terminal management, remote configuration, remote intelligent upgrading of management parameters, convenient and quick.

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