Dash Cam with GPS for Car

Best Dash Cam with GPS for Car

Date Time: May 27, 2024
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Dash Cam with GPS for Car

YUWEI Dash Camera supports 1080P encoding and uses H.264 compression technology. It supports ADAS functions: FCW/LDW/PCW/HMW warnings. It supports DBA functions: fatigue, distraction, phone use, smoking, and seatbelt detection and warnings. It supports BSD-R function: right-side blind spot monitoring and warning. It can support one SD card and one optional 2.5-inch HDD/SSD. It supports 2G/3G/4G/5G network communication and real-time GPS positioning. It supports connecting to a mobile phone via WIFI and supports APP calibration and configuration. It supports local SD card upgrades or remote upgrades via mobile network. It has rich expansion interfaces, supporting peripherals such as microphones and alarm screens.

Dash Cam with GPS for Car

Dash Camera Features:

- 4G Full Network Coverage and High-Speed Vehicle Networking: The device uses a 4G network communication module, providing fast transmission, strong signal, and wide coverage.

dash cam for car with gps

- Anti-theft GPS Positioning: Real-time location tracking of the vehicle through the platform/mobile phone, with playback of the vehicle's historical route.

best dash cam with gps for car

- Remote Real-time Monitoring: Remote connection to the in-car recorder via platform/APP to watch real-time video and take snapshots, allowing you to monitor the vehicle's status at any time.

best gps for car with dash cam

- Collision Lock: Built-in G-SENSOR gravity sensor detects collisions, notifies instantly, and starts the snapshot program to preserve critical images, preventing evidence loss.

- WiFi Access: Connect the recorder via mobile phone WiFi to preview live and read videos, pictures from the memory card, download recordings, and configure the recorder locally.

car gps with dash cam and voice for cell

- SOS Alarm: In special situations, the driver can press the alarm button to immediately record emergency video and alert the monitoring platform simultaneously.

- Cloud-based Speed Limit Alerts: Nationwide road speed limit data is updated online to provide advance warnings during driving, effectively avoiding fines.

dash cam for car with gps speed sensor

- Route Playback: Retrieve and play back the vehicle's historical route, checking historical routes from the past months.

gps with dash cam for cars

- Parking Monitoring: Connect the device to the vehicle's constant power for parking monitoring, ensuring normal viewing of location information and videos.

gps with dash cam for cars

- Compact Body, Unobstructed View: The device is mini and compact, not obstructing the view while driving, and uses adhesive installation for convenience and stability.


best dash camera for cars with gps and wifi

dash cam for car front and rear

Additionally, the YUWEI V5 features driver behavior analysis, multiple abnormal alerts, and WiFi direct synchronization, helping managers monitor vehicle status at any time, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency for fleet management. It meets the remote management needs of fleets including private cars, ride-hailing vehicles, taxis, auto finance and insurance vehicles, and government or corporate fleet vehicles.

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Dash Cam Q&A

What is a fleet dash camera?

The V5 is a road-facing camera that can be mounted on the windshield to record video clips while the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, there is a driver-facing camera that can detect distracted driving behaviors, such as using a phone while driving. Both types of cameras provide video clips to exonerate against false claims and improve driver safety through the use of real footage for safe driver training.

What is the resolution of the dash camera lens?

The commercial-grade dash camera can record 720p/1080p HD video, offering a clear view of the driver’s perspective and featuring night vision capabilities.

Does the AI Dash Camera come with a fleet management platform?

Yes. The AI dash camera can be equipped with YUWEI's self-developed vehicle management system, and it can also integrate with most third-party fleet management platforms on the market, providing better services for your fleet.

Do I need to pay data fees to upload videos to the cloud server?

If you need to upload to the cloud, please communicate clearly with the sales manager when making your purchase. The fees will be included in the annual fee (overall costs are significantly lower than those of other manufacturers).
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