Fleet Dash Camera with GPS Tracking

Dash Camera with GPS Tracking

Date Time: March 08, 2024
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Fleet Dash Camera with GPS Tracking

A Dash Camera with GPS Tracking connects the vehicle's location, onboard video recording, and collection of fleet data through software. This fleet management solution supports GPS positioning and real-time 1080p video monitoring, accurately displaying driving time as well as vehicle usage time, location, and manner.

Dash Camera with GPS Tracking

YUWEI's vehicle and fleet tracking solution provides real-time GPS positions for each vehicle, allowing you to quickly adapt to new situations and make informed decisions. Our vehicle locators will inform you which employee is closest to any new tasks and grant you immediate access to crucial information about employee vehicles and driving styles, such as speeding and emergency braking. The vehicle tracking system can save you money, improve fleet efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Use GPS Vehicle Trackers?

By using GPS vehicle locators, you gain real-time information about the fleet's location.

Receive proof and notifications in your delivery requests, as well as information about time spent with each customer.

Quickly respond to customer emergencies by sending drivers the fastest routes.

Key Features of GPS-enabled Dashcams

Real-time vehicle tracking

Regardless of whether your drivers are parked or in motion, you can utilize YUWEI's GPS vehicle tracking functionality to obtain their precise map locations. This can assist you as proof of delivery and allow you to control compliance with working time regulations.

4G Car BDS/GPS Tracker

1080p video recording

Equipped with 4G communication, supporting remote monitoring, and real-time viewing of 1080p onboard surveillance video.

dash cam with gps

Tracking and positioning

Track previous trips by installing our application to determine where time and money can be saved. Our GPS vehicle trackers accurately record working or driving time and remember the vehicle's locations in the past 90 days as well as its real-time position. This feature of the fleet positioning tracking system provides an instant dynamic overview, highlighting anomalies and revealing your business patterns.

Instant direct alerts

With YUWEI vehicle locators, you will receive immediate alerts when vehicles enter and leave previously indicated areas.

Maps and real-time traffic information

On our vehicle tracking devices, you can choose maps with extremely accurate traffic information, Google Maps with "Street View" functionality, or satellite maps.

Information about fuel consumption and battery usage

Analyze fuel consumption for the fleet over time with charts to help define measures to optimize vehicle and driver performance. Do you manage an electric vehicle fleet? YUWEI displays current charge levels and remaining mileage by tracking battery levels and mileage for all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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