Delivery Fleet Dash Cams

Delivery Fleet Dash Cams with GPS tracking and ADAS

Date Time: March 18, 2024
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Delivery Fleet Dash Cams

YUWEI dashcam goes beyond basic dashcams, offering powerful solutions for both in-cabin and backend safety. Supported by industry-leading edge processing, top-tier AI, wide-angle viewing, and ultra-high definition resolution, YUWEI Delivery Fleet dash cams enhance safety and mitigate liability.

Delivery Fleet Dash Cams

Automatic Video Capture

Accurately records key driving events with front and rear cameras.

Real-time Driver Alerts

Provides immediate corrective measures to drivers through voice alerts.

Instant Video Playback

View recorded videos and images through PC and mobile app.

Liability Avoidance

Download videos for crucial evidence against false claims.

Dashcam AI Features

The dashcam boasts powerful AI that processes video data in real-time, providing actionable feedback to drivers. The system automatically triggers events and warnings based on the following risk criteria:

  • Frontal Collisions

  • Pedestrian Collisions

  • Following Distance

  • Driver Phone Usage While Driving

  • Driver Fatigue

  • Drunk Driving, etc.

Real-time Driver Guidance

Offers real-time audio and visual alerts to guide drivers on avoiding distractions, unsafe driving, fatigue, and road issues, thus preventing incidents through intelligent video analysis.

Top-tier Fleet Tracking Software Enhances Your Fleet Management Approach

The dashcam integrates with our robust software platform to provide insights necessary for making informed business decisions regarding fleet management, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your fleet.

What are the Advantages of YUWEI Fleet Dashcams?

Real-time HD Dual-sided Fleet Videos

Live transmission of high-definition videos from both road and cabin.

AI Fleet Monitoring

Detects unsafe or risky activities and events—even when vehicles are parked and turned off.

Speed Monitoring of Drivers

Speeding alerts with speed thresholds – know when drivers are speeding.

Leveraging the Benefits of GPS Tracking

View complete trip histories by day, week, or specific dates and times, and access real-time vehicle locations.

delivery fleet dash cams

delivery fleet dash camera

delivery fleet camera

delivery dash cams

The dashcam is an AI-driven real-time Delivery Fleet dashcam that provides high-definition video evidence to safeguard drivers, assets, reputation, and livelihood. It's equipped with advanced infrared (IR) sensors on the driver-facing camera to enhance night vision for real-time viewing and video recording in dimly lit vehicle interiors.

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