HD BSD camera Right blind spot

Best Waterproof backup Camera Stystem

Date Time: September 29, 2023
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Author: yuweitek

The Waterproof backup Camera is a type of camera that is installed at the rear of a vehicle. It is combined with an in-car display screen to form a complete backup camera system, allowing real-time viewing of the rear image while reversing.

Best Waterproof backup Camera Stystem

Today, I would like to recommend a car-mounted camera called the Best Waterproof backup Camera System. We understand the importance of a good backup camera for convenient and safe driving, and this camera is definitely my top choice.

Features of the Waterproof Wireless Backup Camera:

1/3" CMOS sensor with 1.3 million pixels, providing high resolution and clear, detailed, and realistic images.

Low illumination, 0.01Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON).

Supports IRCUT infrared filter automatic switching, automatic day-to-night monitoring.

Digital wide dynamic range, supports backlight compensation and strong light suppression.

Supports OSD menu control, suitable for custom settings by customers.

Supports 3D digital noise reduction.

Strong defogging function.

Intelligent infrared compensation.

Car-grade aviation connector, stable and reliable.

Built-in omnidirectional microphone.

Provides lightning protection.

The stability of Yuwei's Waterproof backup Camera is excellent, and I highly recommend this product. For details regarding pricing and after-sales warranty, please communicate with the staff at Hello@yuweitek.com.

HD BSD camera Right blind spot

HD BSD camera Right blind spot

HD BSD camera Right blind spot

The BSD camera is a camera mainly used to monitor the blind spot on the right side of the vehicle.

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