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Date Time: January 22, 2024
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Bus CCTV Camera System

YUWEI is a China-based manufacturer of in-vehicle monitoring devices. Below is an introduction to our solution for bus camera systems, which helps fleet managers efficiently manage their fleets, achieve real-time tracking of buses, and implement 1080p video surveillance.

Bus CCTV Camera

Why Install Bus CCTV Camera Systems?

Public Safety Requirements:

Video surveillance in public transport is a crucial tool for preserving crime evidence, assisting in investigations, and enhancing urban security.

Driver Behavior Regulation:

Through 4G wireless video transmission and intelligent analysis, we regulate drivers' behavior to ensure the safety of vehicle operations.

bus cctv system

Public Transport Operations Management:

In-vehicle monitoring is employed to effectively supervise and manage both drivers and passengers, preventing irregular behavior and improving operational efficiency.

Bus Company Command and Dispatch Needs:

Real-time knowledge of bus locations, dispatch management through voice communication, and prompt response to accidents are essential for effective bus operations.


The YUWEI bus CCTV system consists of two major components: the in-vehicle monitoring system and the dispatch management platform. Each system is designed to meet the specific needs of vehicle and dispatch management within the public transport sector. These systems can function independently or be integrated into a comprehensive solution.


In-Vehicle Monitoring System

This system connects cameras, microphones, alarms, GPS, intercom devices, 4G/Wifi modules, etc., to collect in-vehicle video images, audio signals, alarm signals, real-time GPS information, and vehicle operating conditions. It achieves local hard disk data storage and uploads data wirelessly to the dispatch management platform for processing, enabling audio and video monitoring of long-haul vehicles.


To address the actual situation of public buses, each vehicle is equipped with four infrared cameras, multiple alarm buttons, and a small in-vehicle display screen at the driver's console for real-time video playback.


Dispatch Management Platform

This platform centrally manages front-end devices, storage and distribution of audio-video streams, and business operations. Its features include system configuration, real-time monitoring, video query, video playback, real-time control, alarm management, snapshot capture, recording, and electronic mapping.

Seismic Resistance Design:

Front-end hosts support comprehensive shock absorption methods to cope with different vehicle and road conditions. The use of aviation plugs ensures secure device connections and reduces vibrations on the monitoring host.

Vehicle Wide Power Supply Design:

A professional wide-voltage power supply adapts to various vehicle voltages (6V-48V). It includes protections against over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuits, and over-current, with the monitoring host designed for low power consumption to lighten the burden on the vehicle's battery.

High-Definition Recording, Video Output:

Supports real-time synchronous recording and playback of full D1 resolution images. Dual-stream technology is employed for local storage of high-definition encoding and low-bit-rate encoding for 4G transmission, reducing data usage costs.

Network Adaptability:

Supports both wired and wireless network access, adapting to wireless network transmission requirements. Adaptive networking, remote management, breakpoint resume, and network switching are implemented to reduce operational costs.

Comprehensive Application Management:

Provides a comprehensive management platform for video, audio, GPS information, alarms, and vehicle information.

Audio-Video Monitoring:

Enables real-time monitoring of road conditions, passenger situations, and driver behavior through in-vehicle displays. It serves as a tool for preventing errors and fatigue driving, and drivers can use a panic button to notify authorities in case of emergencies.

Vehicle Location Tracking:

GPS functionality allows real-time reporting of vehicle location, speed, and other information to the management center. The center can track specified vehicles and display their travel trajectories on electronic maps.

Electronic Fence and Track Playback:

Supports manual creation of electronic fences on maps for specified vehicles. When a vehicle deviates from this virtual perimeter, the system triggers an alarm. Additionally, historical GPS information can be played back in full screen with playback progress control.

Vehicle Status Collection:

Collects information on the status of vehicle doors, turns, brakes, parking, and startup, uploading this data to the management platform.

Vehicle Dispatch Functionality:

Offers vehicle dispatch management, route and driver allocation, and integrates with an intercom system for remote communication in case of emergencies or breakdowns. The in-vehicle display screen can play text information sent by the control center and broadcast voice instructions or prompts through an amplifier.

Alarm Functionality:

Includes alarms for boundary violations, manual alarms triggered by drivers or passengers in emergency situations, and real-time overspeed alarms based on set speed limits.

Remote Management:

Allows remote querying of terminal information, software upgrades, and configuration of GPS upload intervals and host function parameters.

YUWEI is your trusted supplier from China, manufacturing a range of intelligent products including dashcams, in-vehicle DVRs, in-vehicle displays, and in-vehicle cameras. For inquiries, contact us at hello@yuweitek.com.

Bus CCTV Camera System Q&A

Is your company a Bus CCTV manufacturer or an intermediary agent?

Yuwei's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and its R&D centers are located in Xi'an,, Wuhan and other places. The production factory is located in Dongguan, Guangdong. Yuwei has a R&D technical team composed of more than 200 senior engineers, dedicated to the R&D and upgrade of products such as Dash Cam and Bus CCTV MDVR.


You can also check pictures of our factory environment:“https://en.yuweitek.com/technical-strength.html

How much does Bus CCTV Camera cost?

I understand your eagerness to know about the product costs. Bus CCTV Camera system come with different configurations, such as 4-channel, 8-channel, or 6-channel options. It also depends on whether you require in-vehicle management systems and the choice of operating system, such as Linux or Android. These factors can affect the pricing of the products. Could you please provide me with information about where you intend to use the dash cameras, the size of the fleet you manage, and any specific features or requirements you need? This will enable me to recommend suitable configurations and provide you with our official quotation.



How is the quality of your bus cctv? Do you have any relevant certifications?

I'm glad you could see this. Our Bus cctv camera system have passed the EU CE certification tests, ROHS testing, and have relevant compliance certificates.


Our factory is certified under the ISO 9001 quality management system, ensuring the quality and reliability of our products.


Currently, our products are serving fleets in Brazil, the United States, the European Union, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Southeast Asia. We hope our products will be useful for your fleet tracking and management.

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