Car DVRs with ADAS, Screen, Night Vision

Car DVR with ADAS, Screen, Night Vision

Date Time: June 17, 2024
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Car DVRs with ADAS, Screen, Night Vision

A high-cost-performance mobile DVR developed specifically for vehicle monitoring and remote video surveillance, featuring high functional expandability with ADAS and DSM systems.


The F6 is a high-cost-performance device developed specifically for mobile video surveillance and remote video monitoring, with high functional expandability. It is equipped with a high-speed processor and an embedded operating system, integrating the most advanced H.265 video compression/decompression technology and GPS positioning technology from the IT industry. It supports video recording in AHD 1080p, 720p, 960H, and D1 formats. Additionally, it supports night vision and AI function expansion, providing alerts through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for blind spot detection (BSD) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM), effectively assisting drivers in safe driving and reducing traffic accidents.

 Car DVRs with ADAS

Product Introduction:

- H.264/H.265 video compression format, Linux operating system, dual-stream.

- Supports 2.5-inch hard drives, up to 4TB, with optional dual storage of SD card and hard drive.

- 4/8 channels 720P/1080P full real-time recording, synchronized audio recording.

- Supports timed, triggered, and manual JPEG picture capture functions.

- Supports two-way voice intercom.

- Supports remote downloading and playback of recorded data (can be by file segment or accurate to the second, greatly saving time and data).

- Supports alarm pre-recording function, motion detection alarm, and alarm linkage.

- Can be built-in (3G/4G network intelligent switching), WiFi, GPS/Beidou dual-mode positioning module.

- Supports external expansion, such as LED display screen, ID card reader (supporting break-point resume for card data), bus stop announcer, passenger flow statistics camera, etc.

- Car black box function, recording important information such as speed, position, gravitational acceleration, braking, reversing, turning, and alarms.

- 8-36V wide voltage power supply, industrial standard embedded design, military-grade shock absorption technology.

 Car DVR with Screen

Product Features:

- Embedded Linux operating system.

- H.265/H.264 compression.

- AI MDVR with ADAS, DSM, and BSD expansion.

- 4CH AHD 1080P/720P real-time video recording, synchronized audio recording.

- 1×HDD (up to 4TB) + 1×SD card (up to 256GB).

- Industrial embedded design, military-grade shock resistance.

- High reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Car DVR with Night Vision

Car DVR with Night Vision

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