School Bus Monitoring Solutions

School Bus Safety Camera Monitoring Solutions

Date Time: June 05, 2024
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School Bus Monitoring Solutions

The safety of students both inside and outside the school, especially during their commute, has always been a top priority for school leadership. Likewise, every parent is eager to stay informed about their child's safety on the school bus, particularly regarding the safety of the school bus that transports students to and from school.

School Bus Safety Camera Monitoring Solutions

Challenges in School Bus Management:

- Drivers may lack responsibility, leading to issues such as overloading, speeding, random violations, and using mobile phones while driving.

- The school bus might be delayed due to traffic congestion during peak hours, making it difficult for the management center to predict traffic jams and replan routes.

- Incidents like accidents, theft, disputes, or fights among students or between students and drivers can lead to responsibility disputes, with no evidence available afterward.

- Parents are highly concerned about their children's safety on the way to and from school and wish to receive timely notifications when their children board and alight from the bus.


YUWEI School Bus Safety Camera Monitoring Solutions use an MDVR host to encode and store audio, video, GPS location, and alarm data. These are uploaded via 3G/4G mobile networks, enabling remote operations such as device upgrades, parameter modifications, digital intercoms, and remote snapshots.

 School Bus Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring center personnel only need to authorize the corresponding vehicles through the server backend software and generate the corresponding accounts and passwords for unified management. Additionally, other accounts can be created via the web client for real-time viewing and management on smartphones and computers.


Installation Positions for Vehicle Cameras:

- Front-facing camera: Functions as a dashcam.

- Driver's seat camera (with audio): Ensures operational compliance.

- Door camera: Monitors the door area.

- Two interior cameras (with audio): Provides comprehensive monitoring to prevent disputes, theft, etc.

- ADAS camera.

- DSM driver monitoring camera.

 School Bus Camera Solutions

Functions of the School Bus Safety Camera Monitoring Solutions:

1. Remote Real-Time Monitoring and Positioning

Real-time monitoring, driving route search, and playback via 3G/4G wireless networks enhance driver compliance.

GPS satellite positioning combined with real-time traffic conditions enables the monitoring center to manage emergency command and traffic information sharing.


2. Audio and Video Recording and Playback

Supports synchronous recording and playback of 4-channel 720P and 1080P HD video and audio, ensuring comprehensive safety monitoring.

Enables automatic WiFi download of local recordings and supports remote recording search, download, and playback analysis.


3. Emergency Alarms

Can set alarms for abnormal fuel levels, speeding, and card swipe notifications via SMS/email.

In case of emergencies, pressing the photoelectric alarm output can clear traffic for priority passage.

For incidents like robberies, an alarm button quickly alerts the management center, which can access live video from the alarmed vehicle for recording or evidence capture.


4. Peripheral Device Integration

Connects with ultrasonic fuel sensors for abnormal fuel level alarms to prevent fuel theft.

Connects with speed pulse sensors to prevent speeding and reduce traffic accidents.

Integrates with IC card readers and SMS modules to notify parents via SMS when children swipe their cards.

Connects with digital intercoms for voice communication and dispatch between the management center and drivers.


5. Management Center System

Real-time monitoring of vehicle distribution for traffic guidance in case of congestion.

Handles alarm information, performs remote upgrades, sets parameters, and controls devices remotely.

Collects driver assessment data on abnormal fuel levels, overloading, speeding, and phone use while driving, providing data support for driver evaluations.

 School Bus Camera Solutions

6. Mobile Viewing

By adding sub-accounts in the IVMS Web client and granting viewing and management permissions to relevant personnel or parents, real-time operation of the school bus can be monitored via mobile phones and computers.

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