Benefits of installing a Vehicle DVR CCTV Camera System

1080P Vehicle DVR Camera System

Date Time: February 05, 2024
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Benefits of installing a Vehicle DVR CCTV Camera System

1. Protects drivers and passengers in public rental vehicles from the increasing threat of false claims after incidents/accidents.

2. Safeguards your vehicle from damage.

3. Reduces incidents of cargo damage during transportation.

4. Minimizes inventory theft.

5. Improves driver behavior and road safety.

6. Potentially lowers insurance premiums.


Digital video (vehicle closed-circuit television) recording provides irrefutable evidence, protecting your business and drivers from the rising incidence of fraudulent accident claims, while aiding in driver management and training.

Vehicle DVR Camera System

The AHD SD Card MDVR is a practical 4G+GPS positioning mobile monitoring system, combining audio-video encoding/decoding, massive HD & SD storage, streaming media network, audio-video noise reduction, mechanical shock resistance (anti-vibration), UPS power protection, and flexible wide voltage range. 

Vehicle DVR CCTV Camera System Features

- Monitoring with 4 cameras, optional 3G real-time video and GPS.

- Suitable for buses, trucks, taxis, fuel vehicles, excavators, and mining truck fleets.

- Storage capacity: SD card storage.

- OEM / ODM: Supported.


Functionalities of the Vehicle DVR Camera System include

- Core technology in the Dangerous Driving Warning System and Driver Status Monitoring System with internationally leading visual recognition algorithm engines.

- Supports intelligent monitoring functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), and DSM (Driver Behavior Safety Warning), covering passenger status, cargo loading status, and goods status.

- Supports remote program upgrades via network, real-time positioning (GPS/Beidou satellite).

- 6-channel analog video input, including 2 channels of 1080P HD video, 2 channels of audio input, 1 channel IPC input, 1 channel CVBS output, providing comprehensive audio-video intelligent monitoring and recording.

- Data supports hard disk storage and SD card storage, ensuring data security with dual storage.

- Hard disk shock protection mechanism, built-in protective memory.

- UPR (Uninterrupted Power Supply Recording) function ensures video is not lost during power outages.

- Low voltage protection function ensures the safety of the vehicle battery.

- Patented storage medium protection device prevents the arbitrary removal of the hard disk and SD card.

- Supports next-generation video standard H265.

- Single-board design, high integration, and high reliability.

- Unique streaming media file system storage method ensures data security against tampering.


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