China GPS Tracker Manufacturer

China GPS Tracker Manufacturer|Supplier yuwei

Date Time: April 20, 2022
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China GPS Tracker Manufacturer

GPS Tracking tracks three separate data sets: positioning, navigation, and timing. GPS is responsible for providing precise location and information. Yuwei is a reliable provider of high-quality GPS Tracker suitable for all your fleet requirements and preferences.


China GPS Tracker Manufacturer|Supplier yuwei

Yuwei GPS trackers is the hottest car in China in 2023 ah GPS location tracker,

 China GPS Tracker Manufacturer|Supplier yuwei

GPS trackers are mainly used in:

It is used to control the whereabouts of children and the elderly, highway inspection, valuable cargo tracking, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, pet tracking, wild animal tracking, freight industry, car anti-theft, bicycle anti-theft, electric vehicle anti-theft, Motorcycle anti-theft, bank cash transport vehicles, military and police exercise control, inspection and tracking, official vehicle management, etc.


The GPS trackers function has:

1. Positioning function: immediate positioning, timing positioning.

2. Two-way call: the authorized number corresponding to the button can be set separately, when the button is pressed, the authorized number can be dialed and the incoming call can be answered.

3. Alarm function: emergency alarm, displacement alarm, overspeed alarm, cross area alarm, low battery alarm, anti-theft alarm.

4. Electronic fence: The center management personnel can set the terminal driving area. When the terminal exceeds the preset restricted area, it will automatically send an alarm message to the monitoring platform and send a short message to the supervisory mobile phone.

5. Alarm.

6. Remote monitoring: You can set the monitoring number. When the number is dialed to the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer it, so as to achieve the monitoring effect.

7. Automatic sleep: Built-in vibration sensor, if there is no vibration within the specified time, it will automatically enter the sleep state.


How much does it cost to install a;mini GPS Tracker in vehicles?

The simplest car;trackers will typically be rented for $15;per car, per month. Purchasing an active monitoring device directly would usually cost at least $320 per unit, plus a $70 to $140 installation charge, while a passive system will cost around;$140 per unit.

Is it possible to use 3G GPS Tracker without Internet access?

The simple answer is YES!; Any positioning;software on both;Android and IOS;phones will monitor your vehicle’sp;location without requiring a connection to the internet. A GPS does not work in the absence of data coverage, but the GPS antenna can still obtain a repair directly from the satellites if necessary.


How Reliable Is a 3G GPS Tracker?

Whenever it comes to monitoring the location of an automobile, asset, or individual, GPS devices have the most precise data; however, users often question how exact the location data really is. To understand the GPS tracker’s accuracy, you must first understand how a GPS tracker functions.


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