Dash Cam with built in Sim Card

Dash Cam with built in Sim Card

Date Time: January 04, 2024
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Author: YUWEI

Dash Cam with built in Sim Card

YUWEI has launched the V5 , Is a Ai dash cam with sim card. providing an integrated solution for fleet management.This in-car camera is not only a high-definition monitoring tool but also a perfect instrument for enhancing fleet safety and efficiency. Here are the key features of this product:

dash cam with sim card

Dash Cam key Features:

High-Definition Cameras:

Equipped with two cameras, featuring a front-facing full high-definition 1080P camera. The wide-angle lens provides a 140°.coverage, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of the surroundings.


4G Connectivity:

Achieve 4G connectivity through the SIM card slot, enabling you to monitor vehicles anytime, anywhere via the mobile network. It supports all mobile carriers, ensuring a stable connection.


Fleet Management Software:

Compatible with CMS Fleet Management Platform, facilitating easy management of the fleet. Through this platform, you can real-time locate all vehicles, view live videos, play recorded videos, and manage alert events through real-time notifications.


Real-Time GPS Tracking:

Equipped with a built-in GPS tracker, providing real-time geographical positioning data for vehicles. You can view the vehicle's location in real-time through the application or software, and the vehicle's trajectory during video playback.


Collision Sensor and Parking Monitoring:

Built-in adjustable sensitivity collision sensor (G-SENSOR) and parking mode ensure crucial moments in videos are preserved and not overwritten.


Free Mobile Application:

Comes with a free application for both Android and iOS, allowing you to control your fleet directly from your smartphone or tablet. The application supports real-time viewing of GPS locations, environmental listening, recording control, and more.


Easy Installation:

Offers both self-installation and professional installation options, allowing users to choose the most suitable installation method based on their needs.


Micro SD Card Support:

Records videos onto a Micro SD storage, supporting a maximum capacity of 128GB. Note that the Micro SD card is not included in the supply range.


Dash Cam Cost:

The cost for a single in-car camera is $25 USD. For more feature-rich dash cams, you can communicate with our engineers at hello@yuweitek.com.


YUWEI's SD card-equipped Dash Cam provides a comprehensive solution for fleet management, combining high-definition cameras, 4G connectivity, fleet management software, and more. Whether you are an individual car owner or a fleet manager, this in-car camera ensures the safety and security of your vehicles.

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