Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

Date Time: January 31, 2024
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Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

The CHINA YUWEI Driver Behaviour Monitoring System (DSM) primarily achieves functions such as driver identity recognition, driver fatigue monitoring, driver attention monitoring, and monitoring of dangerous driving behaviors. It promptly issues alerts for reminders, suitable for logistics, freight, public transportation, intelligent driving, and other fields. The aim is to enhance driving safety while making fleet management more effective and convenient!

Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

Driver Fatigue Driving and Abnormal Actions (DMS)

Driver facial identity verification | Fatigue driving: yawning, closing eyes | Dangerous behaviors: smoking, making phone calls, drinking water, looking around, intentional obstruction, not wearing seatbelt, leaving post.

Driving Safety Warning Platform

Function applications: alarm snapshot images, alarm video playback, violation report statistics, GPS/BD location positioning.

DMS Fatigue Driving Camera

Designed for driving behavior analysis, it operates in non-visible light, does not affect driving, provides high-definition and noise-reducing image quality, ensuring more accurate recognition.


YUWEI Driver Monitoring System Product Composition

DSM camera + Mobile DVR + 4G network + Software backend/management system


Normal driving by the driver

2.The fleet installs ADAS and DMS products to enhance supervision of fleet vehicles, drivers, and goods.

3.Real-time collection of dangerous data and uploading to the server, providing API integration with third-party fleet management platforms.

4.In-depth analysis of driver behavior and monitoring potential risks in fleet operations.


DSM cameras are commonly used in: logistics fleets, buses, trucks, coaches, semi-trailers, taxis, trailers, school buses, tanker trucks, dump trucks, etc.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

The three main functions of DSM devices

1.Driver driving behavior monitoring

2.Enterprise remote information processing management

3.Facial identity recognition verification


What value does it bring to the fleet?

1.Improved efficiency in digital management

2.Reduced accident occurrence and settlement rates

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