Best GPS Tracking System for dump truck Drivers

Date Time: July 12, 2023
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Best GPS Tracking System for dump truck Drivers

With the diversified development of urban transportation, news about traffic accidents causing personal and property losses is not uncommon. Especially for dump trucks, accidents are more likely to occur. Compared to regular vehicles, dump trucks are higher and longer.

Best GPS Tracking System for dump truck Drivers

Yuwei Technology has independently developed a GPS tracking system solution specifically designed for dump trucks. This solution addresses vehicle driving and management issues from the source, ensuring consistency between the vehicle and the driver's identity. It provides real-time monitoring and alerts for improper driving behavior, thus preventing traffic accidents.

Furthermore, during nighttime driving, a 3D view will present a 360-degree panoramic high-definition night vision. Even in pitch-dark nights, the outside conditions can be clearly observed, presenting the on-site scene and assisting drivers in safe nighttime driving.

Configuration of the dump truck solution includes: main unit+GPS/Beidou positioning+ADAS+DSM+HOD (optional)+status vehicle speed LED screen+four cameras for front, rear, left, and right (optional)+audiovisual alarms+displays+lifting/tarpaulin/empty weight sensors (optional)+cargo status monitoring camera.

Solving rollover issues: cargo status monitoring

By using sensors or onboard cameras, the system can accurately identify and real-time monitor the open/closed status of the tarpaulin and roof, as well as the loading/unloading and lifting/lowered statuses of the vehicle.

Solving blind spot accidents: blind spot detection

Blind spot cameras can be installed in various directions, such as the front blind spot and right blind spot, as needed. When pedestrians/vehicles enter dangerous areas within the blind spot, effective audiovisual reminders can be provided to both the driver inside the vehicle and people outside, prompting the vehicle to slow down and maintain a safe distance from surrounding individuals.

Solving active safety issues: intelligent video detection

Equipped with DSM and ADAS detection functions, various driving behaviors and status can be detected and driving safety warnings can be issued through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Solving vehicle compliance issues: 

permit display and external screen displaying dump truck permits for convenient approval of compliant vehicles, while the internal screen displays traffic information.

The management platform allows online application and intelligent approval of various permits.

Solving speed and lifting restrictions: regional vehicle control

When it is detected that the dump truck has an unsealed cargo compartment or is overloaded during operation, the system can automatically limit the vehicle speed to 30 kilometers per hour.

Solving speeding/traffic disorder issues: positioning video monitoring

Planning and monitoring of dump truck routes, restricted areas, speed limits, intersection control, accident-prone spots warnings, and risk maps.

Transportation business management

Statistics and management of transportation-related data such as waybills, trips, mileage, and the number of involved personnel, as well as information management for vehicles, construction sites, and storage areas."

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