Dump truck camera system

Date Time: November 08, 2023
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Dump truck camera system

Whether you are a Dump truck fleet manager or a fleet management software service provider, our products can help you achieve win-win cooperation.


Installing the YUWEI Dump truck camera system can realize vehicle GPS real-time positioning, 1080p video real-time recording and remote monitoring. The ADAS assistance system supports reversing assistance and is equipped with multiple cameras to achieve comprehensive tracking management; prevent vehicles from illegal dumping, parking, and improper parking. Regulation of driving and other behaviors;

Difficulties in the management of Dump trucks

1. Unreasonable scheduling: some garbage trucks are too busy, while others are idle

2. Unable to locate in real time: Some fleets of Dump trucks are leased, and the location of the vehicles needs to be located in real time to ensure safety.

3. Irregular driver: Without a cab camera, it is difficult to monitor the driver’s driving behavior (whether it is fatigue driving, drunk driving, smoking, talking on the phone, etc.)

4. Difficulty in determining responsibility: After an accident occurs, it is difficult to identify the person responsible for the accident immediately.

5. Difficult maintenance: including regular maintenance, fault repair and emergency handling.

YUWEI Dump truck camera system configuration diagram

Through this picture, you can understand the general configuration scheme of our Dump truck suction head system; including the installation location and installed hardware equipment;

Dump truck camera system

Dump truck camera system function

1. Sound and light alarm for right turn

When a garbage truck turns right at an intersection and encounters someone on the side of the road, the blind spot camera will trigger a linked audible and visual alarm after photographing the pedestrian to remind the driver to pay attention to the pedestrian in the blind spot on the right.


Equipped with sound and light alarm, BSD blind spot camera


2. Dust control: Real-time online monitoring of dust and noise at the construction site. Install real-time online detection equipment for dust and noise at the construction site. When PM2.5 and noise exceed the standard, the site will automatically alarm and upload to the platform to alarm; dust detection equipment can also be installed on law enforcement vehicles. , convenient mobile data collection.


3. Block area monitoring

If you enter the city streets within a limited time, an alarm will sound!


If the automatic speed limit is exceeded when entering a city or regional fence, an overspeed alarm will be triggered, <40km/h


4. Uninstallation in illegal areas is prohibited

Install a door sensor to monitor the lifting status of the body. Monitor whether vehicles are unloading materials at designated locations or not at designated locations, and alarm to remind management personnel


5. Vehicle traffic management

Carry out pass management for the vehicles of the transport unit. The vehicles and drivers subordinate to the transport unit can enter and exit the specified construction site and consumption yard within the restricted time range of the pass setting, and perform data association and docking with the construction site consumption yard gate. Vehicles without such pass will They are prohibited from entering the construction site and the consumption yard, and the vehicle is classified as a suspected black vehicle for management.


6. Driver driving behavior analysis

Driver driving behavior analysis mainly records the vehicle's daily violation alarm information, including the start time, end time and duration of the alarm. Driving behavior warnings include smoking, playing with mobile phones, drowsiness, lane departure, vehicles too close, etc.


7. Active safety behavior analysis

It can monitor vehicle driving behavior in real time, such as forward collision, frequent lane changes, driving on the line, lane deviation, vehicle too close, etc., and provide alarm prompts and intercept the corresponding alarm conditions.



8. Real-time positioning

The system can monitor vehicles in real time, such as vehicle status, vehicle journey, vehicle location, vehicle violation alarm, etc., and can see all the status of the vehicle.


9. Fuel consumption detection

Monitor the actual operation status, speed and fuel level, and understand the real-time status of the vehicle at a glance, including the time period when it is parked, working, and alarming, as well as the speed curve changes and fuel level changes, etc.


10. Trip Statistics

The system automatically records the daily operation trips of each vehicle, and can display the number of trips made by the driver on that day so that the driver can know more about his current transportation trips. At the same time, the system counts all driver trips.


11. Data Visualization

The system automatically analyzes all vehicle driving data, vehicle usage data, and input data in the system and then performs graphic processing. From the perspective of company operation and management, the large screen is customized. The content of the large screen includes the number of taxis, the number of consumption sites, and the number of transportation trips. Map data flow.

What is the use of a camera system + driving recorder installed on a dump truck?

1. Vehicle safety monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the situation around the vehicle through a camera system and recording of events during driving can help improve the safety of drivers and vehicles.


2. Accident recording and evidence preservation: Driving recorders can record events that occur while driving, such as traffic accidents, and provide important video evidence for investigations and insurance claims.


3. Rear assistance: The camera system can assist the driver in observing the rear and blind spots of the vehicle, improving safety and reducing the risk of accidents.


4. Driving track recording: DVR can record the vehicle’s driving track and driving speed and other information, helping to monitor driving behavior, road conditions and vehicle operations.


5. Anti-theft and security management: Camera systems can be used to monitor vehicle parking locations, prevent theft and vandalism, and provide remote monitoring and management of vehicles.


Collectively, these devices enhance the safety and management efficiency of Dump trucks, providing vehicle operators and drivers with comprehensive monitoring and recording capabilities.

Dump truck camera system installation case diagram

Dump truck camera system installation

Dump truck camera system installation

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What is the use of a camera system + driving recorder installed on a dump truck?
Dump truck camera system installation case diagram
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