Dump Truck GPS Tracking System Solution

Date Time: December 14, 2022
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Dump Truck GPS Tracking System

Dump trucks have the following management problems

speeding, overloading, operating without a license, not following designated routes, and serious blind spots on the right, etc., which can easily cause traffic accidents.

Dump truck gps tracking system solution

Yuwei dump truck GPS management system

Vehicle location monitoring, real-time high-definition video monitoring, driver identification, overload alarm, overspeed alarm, driver status detection, advanced driver assistance system monitoring, blind spot monitoring, driving route monitoring, VOIP voice intercom, etc.

Background management platform

A large number of monitoring platform Kanban, data statistics, vehicle monitoring, big data analysis, charts, etc., to achieve management scheduling, personnel management, fleet management, law enforcement management and other functions. Improve scheduling efficiency/operating benefits, reduce safety accidents/management costs, and standardize driving behavior.

Dump truck gps tracking system solution

Scheme equipment configuration

Host: Integrated Active Security Intelligent Video Surveillance Terminal F4

Peripherals: forward and reverse sensors, fuel level sensors, ADAS, DSM, BSD, sound and light alarms, etc.

1. Forward and reverse sensor: monitor the forward and reverse stirring/stop/direction of the tank

2. Fuel quantity sensor: monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle, and monitor the abnormal fuel consumption

3. Law enforcement monitoring screen: externally display the valid status of the current certificate and the speed of the vehicle

4. Blind spot monitoring: When pedestrians approaching in the blind spot are detected, the terminal audio in the car will remind the driver, and the sound and light alarm outside the car will warn pedestrians

5. Reversing image: prevent collisions with pedestrians/other objects when reversing

Platform: commercial concrete logistics enterprise intelligent dispatching management platform, commercial concrete logistics government intelligent dispatching management platform.


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Why is the Dump Truck 4G Real-Time GPS Positioning Monitoring System needed?

Due to urbanization leading to an increase in urban population and higher environmental construction requirements, the workload of sanitation departments has become heavy. Therefore, this system is needed to achieve reasonable scheduling, command, and safe operation of sanitation vehicles, thereby improving the efficiency of sanitation vehicle scheduling and safety management.

What are the main functions of the Dump Truck 4G Real-Time GPS Positioning Monitoring System?

The main functions of the Dump Truck 4G Real-Time GPS Positioning Monitoring System include real-time viewing of the work position and effectiveness of each garbage truck, real-time 4G video monitoring, historical trajectory playback, node, area, and driving route definition, vehicle information management, driver information management, vehicle driving data analysis, operation data management, user permission management, and other modules.

What are the components of the Dump Truck's 4G wireless video monitoring system?

The Dump Truck's 4G wireless video monitoring system includes the intelligent Beidou GPS satellite positioning system, 4G wireless video monitoring system, monitoring system platform, and onboard hardware equipment.
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