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Date Time: February 26, 2024
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70% of accidents are not the driver's fault. Smart AI fleet dash cam videos prove this! 

Dual-facing dash cam for enterprise and commercial fleet drivers

Fleet Camera Company

The cost of accidents is high

Learn what losses unsafe driving could bring you:

Average cost of no injury: $15,500

Average cost of injury: $73,000

Average cost of fatalities: $500,000

YUWEI is a manufacturer of fleet dash cam systems. It is located in China and has a 15,000 square meter production factory. It provides customers with AI dash cam, Mobile DVR, vehicle remote terminal, vehicle display, vehicle camera and other products; (high quality, low price )

What type of dash cam do you need?

Front-facing camera: Provides clear HD footage. When connected to a 4G network, they offer quick remote video downloads in the event of an accident.

Front and driver-facing cameras: Monitors both the road ahead and the driver simultaneously, enhancing safety standards and providing evidence for insurance claims.

Multi-camera systems: Ensures visibility and recording of crucial areas around your vehicle. This allows your drivers to have a 360-degree view of pedestrians and other road users.

YUWEI's fleet dash cam comes with distracted driving detection, uniquely identifying hazardous driving behaviors and notifying you of the event and recording.

Real-time alerts in the cabin can also notify drivers visually and audibly upon detection, refocusing their attention back on the road.

AI dash cams can detect common violations including

  • Eating while driving

  • Using the phone while driving

  • Smoking

  • Yawning/fatigue

  • Seatbelt detection

To learn more, click Fleet dash cam.

What is a Fleet Dashcam?

A fleet dashcam is either a road-facing, in-cab, or dual-lens video dashcam that attaches to the vehicle’s windshield or rear-view mirror, and records video automatically of risky driver behavior, risky events and accidents. Often times, a fleet dashcam can protect the business and the driver from frivolous lawsuits with nuclear verdicts since it allows easy access to an automated eye witness of the entire event, including pre-accident recordings.

What events trigger the AI dash cams to record?

AI Dashcams, take recording a step further. They utilize artificial intelligence to analyze road conditions and driver behavior. The AI technology functions by evaluating real-time footage of your drivers and other road users. It will immediately alert the driver and fleet managers about any unsafe driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, or tailgating.
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