Semi Truck Surveillance Camera

Best Semi Truck Surveillance Camera

Date Time: February 25, 2024
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Semi Truck Surveillance Camera

The most advanced fleet dashcam solution provides 24/7 all-weather protection for fleets, with a complete fleet dashcam system for commercial fleets integrated with remote information processing systems, featuring optional dashcam extension capabilities including side and rear cameras and an in-cabin monitor capable of achieving a 360° panoramic view.

Semi Truck Surveillance Camera

This is our 1080P commercial-grade 360-degree bird's-eye view camera system, designed specifically for semi-trucks, trailers, and even buses. Upgrade your current vehicles with the safety features most needed in today's automotive market. The system includes a vehicle-mounted display and 4 heavy-duty wide-angle cameras, easily placed around the vehicle and paired with a powerful mobile MDVR host that stitches together all 4 cameras to provide you with a perfect view around your vehicle. The DVR stores all data in secure storage cards and features instant playback.

Easy to install and offering on-demand live viewing and on-demand historical video downloads, with up to 128GB of built-in SD storage for recording up to 1 week, and continuous recording when the truck is in motion. Can be used via 4G or WIFI connection.

Features of dual dashcam products

- Wireless dual-sided full HD 1080p smart fleet dashcam

- Real-time viewing, on-demand playback, and historical video playback retrieval

- Up to 256GB of built-in SD storage for recording up to 1 week

- Easy installation

- Easy export/retrieval of video clips

- Expandable to support 2 additional cameras

- Works via WiFi and optional 4G

- Continuous recording when vehicle is started

- Dashcam with GPS tracking

Semi Truck Surveillance Camera

camera surveillance for semi trucks

owl semi truck surveillance camera

owl semi truck camera

Utilize these customizable rearview safety backup camera systems, dashcams, reverse sensors, driver fatigue systems, mobile DVRs, and safety accessories, designed to safely accomplish tasks tailored to the unique needs of semi-trailers. Our safety solutions cater to various semi-trailer requirements and are fully customizable. Drive safely on busy roads, receive blind spot alerts, remotely transmit video clips, be alerted with loud alarms when reversing to warn pedestrians, and record accidents or collisions for legal matters. Utilize these vehicle safety solutions to reduce costs and save lives. Day or night, our systems provide drivers with comprehensive, real-time visual and auditory information to make the safest, most informed decisions on the road.

Semi Truck Camera Q&A

What is a fleet dash cam?

A fleet dash cam lets fleet managers see what is going on , on the road. A fleet dash cam consists of front and rear cameras and an in-cab driver monitor and records while the vehicle is switched on. Since all is captured, you will be able to understand mysterious damage, help your drivers avoid injury, and protect against false claims, including rear-end and sideswipe incidents.

How does YUWEI Dashcam differ from competitors?

Our Dashcam solution focuses on capturing true risk, delivering reliable results while helping you gain efficiency. 

Our offering is part of ONE complete fleet management solution including GPS tracking, Dashcam, engine diagnostics and ELD. 

In addition, we place a strong emphasis on customer service and offer a customizable product portfolio that can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Is a fleet camera system good for fleet vehicles?

A fleet camera system is good for fleet vehicles as they offer truck drivers and fleet managers more control over their fleet safety with features designed to increase visibility, reduce accidents, and lower collision costs

What are GPS/Wi-Fi for Dash Cams?

The GPS and WIFI for a dash cam means that the dashcam connects over WIFI and provides GPS location tracking.

What is a dual dash cam with WIFI?

A dual dash cam with WIFI means that all data communication such as real time video footage, is sent through WIFI, without incurring cellular data and carrier costs.
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