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Date Time: July 04, 2024
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Challenges in Fleet Management

   - Lack of real-time vehicle location tracking

   - Inability to remotely monitor the driver and cargo status

   - Increased road traffic leading to frequent accidents with unclear and untimely evidence recording

   - Inability to supervise driver behavior (e.g., smoking, distraction, fatigue, mobile phone use)


What is a Fleet Dash Camera?

A fleet dash camera differs from a regular dash camera by including GPS navigation, video recording, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems), telematics, and cloud service storage. It not only records collision events during vehicle operation but also continuously alerts the driver while driving.


Recommended Fleet Dash Camera

The V8N is a dual-camera fleet dash camera with AI intelligent algorithms, featuring both front and rear cameras, 4G and WiFi connectivity, supporting telematics and real-time 1080p video monitoring. GPS/BDS satellites provide real-time positioning and efficient dispatch navigation, and it supports ADAS and DMS functions. This makes fleet management and tracking more efficient for fleet managers.


Currently, YUWEI’s V8N fleet dash camera has been deployed in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand, and more. It is used by over 1,000 fleets, including taxis, trucks, school buses, and public buses.

Fleet Dash Camera Features

Dual Channel Functionality

- Full HD front and rear cameras providing comprehensive views


Built-in Microphone and Speaker

- For real-time feedback, guidance, and alerts


Integrated ADAS and DMS

- ADAS for assisted driving and DMS for driver monitoring enhance driving safety; advanced features detect risky driving behaviors that could lead to accidents


Easy Installation

- Plug-and-play functionality allows for use within minutes without needing a technician


Supports Remote Retrieval and Real-time Streaming

- Understand driver accountability within minutes through critical event recording


Integrated Reporting Dashboard

- Provides various statistical reports for insights to fleet managers and drivers


Fleet Dash Camera Specifications

   Product appearance size

Fleet DASH CAMERA Canada Manufacturer

Fleet DASH CAMERA Canada Sale

   5.2  Indicator light /MIC

   5.3 TF Card /SIM Card /USB Location / Button

   6. Product Wiring Diagram

   6.1  Cable wiring diagram

Fleet DASH CAMERA Canada

The best fleet dash cam

   1. Built-in 4G, Wi-Fi, and GNSS modules.

   2. Integrated starlight-level wide dynamic front camera with 106° HFOV and 139° DFOV, supporting 1080P HD recording.

   3. Integrated 2-megapixel IR-CUT infrared ultra-wide-angle camera with 152° HFOV and 180° DFOV, supporting 720P recording.

   4. Dual built-in cameras with adjustable angles, providing a flexible and diverse user experience.

   5. Supports up to 4-channel video recording (including 2 channels for the main unit).

   6. Supports external display for real-time video viewing.

   7. Supports dual TF cards, each with up to 2TB capacity.

   8. Supports ADAS features: Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW).

   9. Supports DMS function to detect unsafe driving behaviors.

   10. Facial recognition for monitoring the driver.

   11. Extended camera supports BSD function to monitor pedestrians or non-motorized vehicles in the driver's blind spot.

   12. Supports aggressive driving detection, including sudden acceleration, deceleration, and sharp turns.

   13. Supports two ultra-low power modes (2mA/5mA) for instant device response.

   14. Built-in USB port for easy video export.

   15. Equipped with CAN bus for real-time vehicle data collection.

   16. Supports mobile APP for function settings, video playback, downloading, live streaming, and historical track queries.

   17. Compact design, easy to install, does not obstruct the driver's view.

About Fleet Dash Cam Manufacturer YUWEI

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, YUWEI has a 15,000 square meter production facility. The company strictly adheres to ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. YUWEI primarily manufactures vehicle surveillance equipment, such as AI dash cams, Mobile DVRs, vehicle cameras, vehicle displays, and GPS locators. The daily production capacity reaches up to 5,000 units of various vehicle surveillance devices. YUWEI boasts a research and development team of over 200 members, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Fleet Dash Cam F&Q

What is a front and rear dash cam/dual dash cam?

A dual dash cam has two lenses: one records the road and the other records the cabin, installed on the windshield or rearview mirror.

What events are captured?

Captures events like hard braking, distracted driving, fatigue, and speeding.

Can the video be livestreamed?

Yes, it provides real-time video streaming.

Can it record at night or in low-light conditions?

Yes, the driver-facing lens has infrared night vision, and the road-facing lens uses ambient light.

What fleet dash cam hardware options are available?

Options include road-facing, dual, four-way, and side-facing dash cams.

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