The Best 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Date Time: June 26, 2024
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The Best 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Is your fleet organization in need of a perfect system to manage and track maintenance, routes, locations, budgets, drivers, and safety? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss fleet tracking and management along with some of the best software available on the market.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Software and Its Importance

Fleet tracking software helps manage and track commercial vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans to ensure they are properly maintained and serviced. It enables businesses to make the most out of these vehicles by improving efficiency, productivity, and driver safety. It assists companies of all sizes in tracking their assets and managing equipment from heavy cranes and bulldozers to generators and trailers.


Why Fleet Tracking Software is Important:

- Reduces fleet labor costs

- Eliminates vehicle theft

- Facilitates quick vehicle recovery

- Tracks vehicle maintenance and servicing

- Reduces costs for maintenance, fuel, etc.

- Enhances driver safety and optimizes driver and staff performance



Key Features of Fleet Tracking Software

Some key features of fleet tracking software include:

- Fleet vehicle tracking and real-time visibility

- Fuel management to ensure efficient fuel consumption

- Fleet maintenance to optimize fleet performance, reduce labor costs, and maximize ROI

- Alerts and notifications, such as vehicle status alerts, vehicle health alerts, and incident alerts

- Driver activity and behavior overview to track their performance

- Fleet alerts to ensure stress-free operations and maintain high productivity

- Utilization of historical data for machine learning to track vehicle uploads

- Trip and mileage tracking for paperwork, tax filing, deduction calculations, etc.

- Digital documentation to add, save, and share receipts, customer signatures, proof of delivery, etc.


Some of the Best GPS Fleet Tracking Software:


YUWEI GPS is an AI fleet management system developed by YUWEI. It features real-time GPS/BDS tracking for each vehicle in the fleet, 1080p video live streaming, remote information processing, fuel consumption monitoring, geofencing, remote vehicle locking, data statistics, and driver behavior analysis.

Mainly used in fleets, such as truck tracking management, school bus tracking management, passenger car tracking management, etc. (mainly cost-effective)

 YUWEI GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Dual-mode GPS/BDS positioning

- 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity with 1080p video real-time monitoring and live streaming

- Background synchronization of fuel consumption, mileage, and vehicle maintenance information

- Synchronization of driver mileage, work hours, performance assessment, and behavior analysis



Motive is an AI-driven application offering ELD compliance, intelligent cargo boards, GPS tracking, equipment tracking, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc. Its advanced technology eliminates guesswork by providing precise GPS tracking and real-time updates.


MOTIVE GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Automates the entire ELD compliance process to minimize violations

- AI-powered Motive offers high-quality cargo as per user needs

- Real-time tracking of driver and vehicle locations

- Allows tracking of all assets, like trailers or equipment, in one place

- Offers Wi-Fi hotspots to keep drivers connected


Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a powerful and advanced fleet tracking software that helps businesses easily monitor and manage their fleets. It provides useful data to improve fleet visibility, streamline management, and effortlessly manage electric vehicles.


VERIZEON GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- AI dashcam feature alerts drivers about distractions or drowsiness

- Drag-and-drop calendar and technician mobile app to streamline job management, scheduling, and dispatch

- Monitors expensive equipment and tracks stolen assets

- Mobile app helps drivers track HOS, simplify inspections, and manage ELD compliance

- Additional features include digital tachographs, route optimization, and commercial navigation



Samsara is an FMCSA-approved fleet operations management software that aids various industries like logistics, construction, and transportation in GPS fleet tracking, route planning and scheduling, ELD compliance, etc.


SAMSARA GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Available as iOS and Android apps for seamless real-time vehicle tracking on mobile devices

- Reporting tools to plan suitable routes and send alerts for overspeeding, idling, and geofencing

- Focuses on driver safety with integrated dashcams and driver safety scoring

- Allows real-time photo capture of documents

- Integration with TMS, GIS, payroll, etc.


GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit provides top fleet tracking solutions with various features and customizable options. Benefits include proven ROI, tracking and locating valuable assets, automated fleet reporting, viewing vehicle trails, and identifying the nearest vehicles.


GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Customizable and automated reporting with alerts

- Plug-and-play devices like asset trackers, trailer trackers, dashcams, ELD, and hardwired trackers

- Safety alerts and driver scorecards for driver safety

- GSA-approved real-time GPS tracking for public transport monitoring

- Vehicle health features like diagnostic reports, maintenance schedules, and integrated fuel cards



Azuga is an easy-to-use, customizable, affordable, and easy-to-install software that provides valuable features for drivers and administrators. Benefits include reducing overspeeding, enhancing customer satisfaction, and simplifying reporting.


AZUGA GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Tracks driver behavior such as overspeeding and accidents

- Provides real-time vehicle visibility for more accurate ETAs

- Plug-and-play devices for easy installation

- Real-time reporting to track all assets

- Features include GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards



GoFleet is one of the best fleet tracking software for businesses of all sizes, offering telematics platforms, AI cameras, driver training, car-sharing, indoor tracking, etc. It enhances productivity, driver safety, and leverages advanced technology for maximum fleet utilization.


GOFLEET GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Real-time GPS tracking with vehicle location updates

- Plug-and-play GPS tracking systems

- Provides valuable insights to help drivers improve efficiency

- Features include indoor tracking, fuel and maintenance management, driver training, fleet telematics, asset monitoring, and cold chain tracking


Force By Mojio

Force by Mojio is excellent software providing simple and affordable GPS tracking systems for small businesses. It offers plug-and-play GPS tracking devices, a web application for managers, and mobile apps for both managers and drivers.


FORCE GPS Fleet Tracking

Best Features:

- Near real-time reporting with updates every 10 seconds

- Allows sharing of driver location

- Stores trip history and other details for up to 18 months

- Monitors vehicle health and maintenance updates

- Features a RoadScore tool to track driver activities and behavior



FleetSharp is a popular commercial fleet tracking system offering a simple and affordable Google Maps-powered GPS tracking system. It provides comprehensive fleet tracking and maintenance solutions, allowing users to manage and track cars, vehicles, and other assets.



Best Features:

- GPS mapping for real-time vehicle tracking, tracking the nearest driver, viewing vehicle history, and creating custom geofences

- Driver safety monitoring with safety scores based on overspeeding, harsh acceleration, and harsh driving

- Real-time tracking alerts for overspeeding, hard braking, geofencing, rapid acceleration, etc.

- Management dashboard accessible via desktop and mobile devices for fleet management, mileage reporting, total driving time, idling information, etc.

- Maintenance tracking to simplify vehicle upkeep


GPS Insight

GPS Insight is useful software for businesses of all sizes, applicable for vehicles, heavy equipment, and other assets. It is a leading fleet tracking software known for its ease of use, excellent customer service, streamlined fleet operations, and maintenance.


Best Features:

- Customizable dashboards to configure and prioritize key performance metrics

- GPS tracking maps for real-time and historical visibility of vehicles

- GPS tracking alerts for every vehicle activity, issue, safety violation, etc.

- GPS tracking reports providing valuable insights to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance safety, etc.


Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking is a vehicle fleet tracking system suitable for businesses of all sizes. This cloud-based software integrates with GPS Google Maps and offers route management tools and reporting.


Best Features:

- Tracks trips, arrival times, traffic, driving duration, etc.

- Tracks work hours and overtime to calculate employee earnings

- Provides pre-activated and pre-programmed vehicle tracking devices

- Notifies timely vehicle maintenance or servicing

- Additional features include monitoring driver availability, alerting drivers when time is running low, managing hubs and operator information, geofencing, stop, idle, or overspeed alerts


Selecting the right fleet tracking software to meet all your needs and requirements can be daunting. A reliable fleet tracking software should be able to easily track and manage all vehicles, drivers, and operations.

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