360 Degree Semi Truck Camera Systems

360 Degree Semi Truck Camera System

Date Time: July 03, 2024
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360 Degree Semi Truck Camera Systems

Semi-trucks have large blind spots and are prone to accidents.

Due to the truck cab being positioned on the left side and the obstruction caused by the right front roof pillar, truck drivers find it difficult to judge the area around the right front wheel, particularly the area directly in front of the vehicle. The taller the vehicle, the more pronounced this blind spot becomes. The most accident-prone blind spots are directly in front of the truck, near the headlights, and at the rear of the vehicle.


360 Degree Semi Truck Camera System

The YUWEI 360 Degree Semi Truck Camera System is a driving safety assistance system that achieves true 360° panoramic bird's-eye view using four fisheye cameras combined with special software algorithms to create a real-time stitched visual effect and advanced 3D panoramic images. This system provides 360° seamless monitoring, helping to ensure safe driving. It is designed specifically for trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, and more.

 360 Degree Semi Truck Camera

Compared to ordinary reversing cameras, the 360° panoramic surround view driving assistance system's core feature is the addition of multiple 210° ultra-wide-angle AI smart cameras with algorithms at the front and sides of the vehicle. The in-vehicle display screen shows a seamless real-time bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings, providing an ultra-wide viewing angle and allowing the driver to understand the surroundings of the vehicle. Additionally, the system has a built-in BSD pedestrian/vehicle automatic detection warning system. When pedestrians or vehicles are in dangerous areas, the system alerts the driver through audio and video warnings, effectively preventing traffic accidents.


Main Features

- Eliminates large vehicle side, front, and rear blind spots

- 1080P HD input and output, providing 1080P HD images with good real-time performance and only 150ms screen delay

- Recording function: 2x512GB SD cards

- Diverse viewing angles, 3D/2D view switching, horizontal and vertical screen switching to meet different needs

- Built-in AI algorithms integrating LDW+FCW+BSD full-area detection to detect lane departures, front vehicle collisions, and warn when there are overtaking or parallel vehicles

- Can be paired with 12-way ultrasonic radar for comprehensive vehicle protection, supporting overlay of real-time video and audio, actively warning the driver to avoid obstacles and potential dangers

- Supports IPC cameras with one additional camera input for more application options

- External AI pedestrian detection camera with up to 8T computing power, enabling comprehensive vehicle detection with a range of up to 10 meters

- Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃, reliable performance

- Optional GPS tracking


 manufacturer of 360 Degree Semi Truck Camera System

YUWEI from China is a manufacturer of 360 Degree Semi Truck Camera System.

The factory is located in Shenzhen, China, covering 15,000 square meters. They produce AI DASH CAMs, mobile DVRs, in-vehicle displays, vehicle cameras, GPS locators, and more. They offer low wholesale prices, support function customization, and welcome procurement inquiries.Email:hello@yuweitek.com

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