Digger Camera Tracking Management System

Digger In-Vehicle Camera Tracking Management System

Date Time: June 25, 2024
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Digger Camera Tracking Management System

China YUWEI utilizes GPS, 4G, onboard surveillance cameras, and intelligent in-vehicle applications to provide comprehensive, around-the-clock monitoring of excavators, ensuring safe operations. We offer a safe and efficient excavator camera tracking management system. This solution, exemplified by its application to excavators, has been successfully extended to other construction vehicles such as rollers and bulldozers, becoming a widely used onboard monitoring solution within the industry.

Digger Management System

Digger Management Challenges:

1. Fuel Theft:

Vehicles often need to park by the roadside or on construction sites far from city lights, providing numerous opportunities for fuel thieves.


2. Low Work Efficiency:

Payment based on hours worked leads to inadequate supervision of specific construction activities, resulting in unmotivated work and low efficiency.


3. Frequent Non-Standard Operations:

Operating construction vehicles is complex and requires drivers to focus attentively. Effective supervision is needed to prevent violations such as reversing improperly, speeding, and engaging in non-standard behaviors like making phone calls or smoking while driving.


4. High Vehicle Wear and Tear:

Large vehicle size and confined, complex working environments lead to frequent collisions and abrasions. Track maintenance, in particular, is complicated.


5. Real-Time Vehicle Status Monitoring:

The monitoring center needs to have real-time access to operational vehicles' GPS location information and real-time on-site audio and video to enhance operational safety supervision.


Digger Tracking Management System:

By installing a 4G wireless video intelligent onboard terminal kit on excavators, the system achieves high-precision vehicle positioning, real-time audio and video dispatch, real-time fuel monitoring, blind spot radar detection and warning. The integration with a backend data monitoring cloud platform enables intelligent management of excavators. This solution has already been implemented in thousands of vehicles across more than 30 countries.


System Functions:

1. Anti-Fuel Theft Monitoring:

When the vehicle is parked by the roadside, if the body or fuel tank shakes, the fuel tank camera automatically activates and begins monitoring for human images, sending the monitoring footage to the backend in real-time or allowing for retrospective video retrieval.


2. Work Status Monitoring:

By using the onboard terminal's built-in OBD to monitor engine speed, the system calculates actual working time based on engine speed correlation with work mode, eliminating passive work behavior at the source.


3. Video Surveillance:

Real-time video monitoring of the vehicle's interior and exterior enables remote viewing of current site conditions and historical video data, providing real-time updates on the vehicle and driver status.


4. Satellite Positioning:

High-precision GPS/BDS positioning provides real-time information on each vehicle's location and current status, allowing retrieval of historical driving trajectories within a specified time frame.


5. Visual Dispatch:

Vehicles are automatically queued, with a simulation display showing the location or working status of dispatched vehicles at each construction site. This clear overview of all vehicle statuses, along with standardized dispatch procedures, improves vehicle utilization by reducing arbitrary manual dispatching.


6. Driver Identification:

Using surveillance cameras, the system compares the driver's face with company driver records to prevent unauthorized substitute drivers.


7. Precision Construction:

When performing tasks prone to damage or wear, the boom-mounted surveillance camera assists the driver in carrying out precise operations.


8. Blind Spot Detection:

High-precision radar sensors can be installed on the right/rear side of the vehicle. When unrelated personnel or objects enter blind spots, the system issues audible and visual warnings to prevent accidents during vehicle operations.

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