How to set up the dash cam, how to use the dash cam?

Date Time: September 14, 2023
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A general dash cam provides four resolution options of 1080FHD, 720P, WVGA, and VGA. Generally, it is recommended to choose 720P for memory cards below 8G, and 1080FHD for memory cards above 16G. For daily use in urban areas, you can set it to 1080FHD to get more detailed images; when driving long distances, it is recommended to set it to 720P to get a longer recording time and avoid mid-way video being covered.

How to set up the dash cam

loop recording

A general dash cam provides three time options of 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes, and divides the video into segments of different lengths for storage. It is recommended to choose 2 minutes as a segment.

motion detection

The motion detection setting of the dash cam will automatically record as long as the screen is moving. Usually there is a delay of 2-5 seconds. It is not recommended to turn it on during driving. Due to the sensitivity and algorithm problems, there will be a large frame loss. Phenomenon. If you park for a long time, you can turn on this function to reduce power consumption to prolong the battery life, or reduce the impact on the car battery.

gravity sensor

The gravity sensing setting of the dash cam, when the CPU of the recorder reads that the value of the gravity sensor exceeds the set value, it will consider that a collision has occurred, and the current segment will be automatically stored. Generally, the dash cam has 4 options of high, medium, low and off. Generally, it is set to medium or high to avoid the detection of sudden braking, or to close it directly, and then manually store it when a collision occurs.

recording sound

The recording sound setting of the dash cam, the dash cam will record the sound in the car while recording the video. If there is a need for privacy, you can choose to turn it off to avoid privacy leakage and unnecessary troubles.

delay shutdown

The delay shutdown option of the dash cam generally provides four options: off, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds. After the car is turned off, the dash cam will keep recording for a period of time and then shut down. Generally, it can be set to off or 10 seconds. .
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