Best GPS Tracker for Semi-Trucks

Date Time: September 14, 2023
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Best GPS Tracker for Semi-Trucks

Some people think that trucks don't need a separate GPS because the trucker's phone already has a GPS locator. However, smartphones only have basic locator functions, and truckers should rely on a system specifically designed for their job.

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The best truck GPS locators allow drivers to see the route ahead and identify roads that are inaccessible to trucks. These devices are versatile, offering features such as Bluetooth hands-free settings, voice prompts, mapping capabilities, internal compasses, and more.

Certain GPS models even enable navigation in remote areas with intermittent or no mobile phone reception. Other truck GPS units are lightweight and portable, suitable for activities like hiking, biking, camping, fishing, ATV riding, and more. Yuwei's "V5" is considered one of the best truck GPS options available today, offering reliability, durability, versatility, value, and user-friendly features.

Best GPS Tracker for Semi-Trucks

Truck GPS Pricing:

- Under $150: Devices within this price range provide basic navigation controls without advanced features like voice activation or real-time data.

- $150-$300: There are several quality truck GPS tablets available in this price range, featuring great designs, solid mounting systems, and options like maintenance reminders and free map updates.

- $300 and up: The best truck GPS units tend to be more expensive but offer advanced features and comprehensive navigation systems. One downside is the quick draining of battery life due to the extra features' power consumption.

Q: Will a truck GPS help me monitor the condition of the goods I'm transporting?

A: Yes. Most truck GPS systems can capture data about the cargo's condition, including temperature monitoring for refrigerated equipment. When transporting gas or oil, you can also receive alerts when engaging in activities that could compromise your safety, such as speeding.

Q: What should I do if my truck's GPS unit is not responding?

A: First, disconnect the device from the power source and turn it off for about 10 minutes. Then, turn it back on. If this doesn't work, look for the reset button and press it for a long time. Reconnect the GPS unit to the power supply. If the problem persists, contact the brand's technical support for assistance.

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