How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

Date Time: July 20, 2023
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How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

Here is an overview of the key decisions you need to make when choosing a dashcam...

How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

Does the field of view matter?

Dashcams typically have wide-angle lenses. A wider field of view allows you to see more of what's happening at intersections and on side roads, but objects in the distance will appear smaller.

Do I need 1080p resolution?

High resolution means clearer, sharper images with more details, but it also means larger file sizes and more storage space required.

Do I need to power the dashcam with a car battery?

Some dashcams come with a built-in battery, allowing for easy installation without the need for wires. However, the battery life is usually limited to around 30 minutes. Other dashcams can be plugged into a USB port or a 12V power supply, allowing them to operate indefinitely, although the cables may look messy.

Do I need to pay for using the dashcam?

Some dashcams offer optional additional features that may be useful for fleet owners who want to track a large number of vehicles or individuals who want to remotely view what's happening or has happened. Cloud services also provide a way to automatically back up the recordings.

Do I need more than one camera?

Sometimes the danger comes from behind, so a rear-facing dashcam can be very useful. We have a separate buying guide for the best front and rear dashcams. Some front-facing dashcams come with optional rear camera upgrades.

Some drivers, especially those who rely on ride-hailing services, may want a dashcam that records the inside of the vehicle. For this, our best Uber dashcam guide recommends the top choices. If you're looking for front, rear, and interior cameras, take a look at our best three-channel dashcam guide.

Do I need a dashcam with GPS?

If you get into an accident, you may not be able to seek help. Some of the best dashcams can detect collisions and automatically notify emergency services. If they have GPS, they can also send your exact location to emergency services.

What other features should I consider?

High dynamic range (HDR): This may sound like a feature of high-end digital cameras, but HDR recording can be advantageous in very bright, high-contrast lighting conditions.

Wi-Fi: Dashcams with Wi-Fi capability can communicate with smartphone apps for controlling settings and reviewing videos.

Night vision: We don't just drive during the day. Dashcams with night vision capabilities can provide protection and safety at night as well.

Driver-assistance safety features: Some dashcams can issue alerts or warn you if you're crossing lane markings or if the vehicle in front has stopped.

Voice control: Keeping your hands on the steering wheel while driving is important, so voice control is not just a convenience but also a safety feature.

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How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

How to choose the most suitable dashcam for you

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