360-Degree Car Dash Camera with 4 Cameras

Date Time: December 09, 2022
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360-Degree Car Dash Camera with 4 Cameras

The working principle of a 360-degree car dash camera is not complicated. It uses ultra-wide-angle cameras positioned around the car to capture the surrounding scenes. These images are then spliced together and displayed on the car's screen, allowing the owner to better observe the surrounding environmental conditions. The top-down view provides an intuitive real-time picture of the surroundings, enhancing safety during parking operations.

360-Degree Car Dash Camera with 4 Cameras

Before the introduction of the 360-degree panoramic camera, we relied solely on the reversing camera, rear-view mirror, and side mirrors to judge distances. However, these methods sometimes result in inaccuracies, such as when the reversing camera shows objects farther away than they actually are, or when warnings are triggered too late. With the 360-degree panoramic camera, owners can directly observe the surroundings from a top-down perspective, providing more reaction time and boosting confidence in driving skills.

The Yuwei Vehicle Intelligent Video Terminal V5 (4-channel Android version) is a 4G car recorder with an integrated HD video recording function. It features a built-in 360-degree panorama algorithm that enables the synthesis of panoramic pictures by capturing the surroundings using the camera. The V5-P model runs on the Android 10.1 system and supports 4-channel in-vehicle and out-vehicle cameras for real-time local video recording. These channels include:

(1) 1080P front camera;

(2) 720P interior camera;

(3) 720P DSM camera;

(4) 720P rear passenger or boot camera. 

Additionally, it supports voice intercom, face recognition, TF card video storage, 4G network real-time video transmission, Beidou/GPS positioning, and AVM surround view panoramic composite display + BSD blind spot monitoring camera dual application.

This car dash camera can be widely used in online cars, taxis, logistics vehicles, official vehicles, and other industries.

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