Infotainment Screen

M3 is an Infotainment Screen based on the Android operating system. It is designed for embedded installation and features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. The screen supports WiFi connection, Bluetooth, navigation, multimedia entertainment, radio, 8-channel amplifier, 4-channel video input, multifunction steering wheel, air conditioning control, vehicle control, phone mirroring, NM network management, UDS diagnostics, and more. It meets the requirements of vehicle manufacturers for low power consumption, optimized vehicle maintenance systems, and enhances the market competitiveness of automotive companies as a whole.

Product Features

Function Description

Specification parameters

Product Features
Infotainment Screen

Based on Android operating system, easy to operate;

Embedded installation, compatible with original car power interface;

Supports two-way high-speed CAN communication with a rate of 500K/s;

The 10.1-inch touch display screen has in-vehicle satellite navigations and in-vehicle entertainments functions, and can be connected to in-vehicle terminals to realize information interaction on the Internet of Vehicles;

Support network management;

Support UDS diagnosis;

Supports air conditioning control function, which can control the AC air conditioner and independent heater in the car;.

Supports multi-function steering wheel function, which can quickly control audio volume, adjust radio, car phone and other functions;

Wireless screen projection: "project" the mobile phone screen onto the car display to realize video, music, picture sharing, as well as real-time navigation functions on the car screen and mobile phone, etc.;

Vehicle control: can control door locks, window lift, interior light switches, seat heating, etc.;

Infotainment Screen

Front large-capacity TF card interface for navigation, audio-visual entertainment and equipment upgrades;

Navigation: Supports manual, automatic navigation and voice navigation, and can navigate with one click according to the route planned by the platform;

Audio-visual entertainment: supports mainstream audio-visual entertainment in MP5 and other formats; can be paired with Bluetooth electronic products to achieve Bluetooth hands-free calls and Bluetooth music playback; built-in WIFI module, can connect to hotspots for accessing the Internet;

Radio: supports FM/AM radio;

Reversing image: rear, left and right video input display, automatically switches the reversing image when entering reverse gear;

Support Bluetooth remote control function;

Support WIFI function, connect to hotspot to access the network;

Wide voltage design: vehicle wide voltage design (18~32V), automotive anti-interference design.

Function Description

1. Information interaction: Connect with the car driving recorder to realize the information interaction function of the Internet of Vehicles.

2. Navigation and entertainment functions

1) Navigation: Preset Amap navigation, insert navigation TF card, support manual input of destination navigation;

2) Multi-function steering wheel: can quickly control audio volume, car phone and other functions;

3) Wireless screen projection: "Project" the mobile phone screen to the car display screen through WIFI to realize video, music and picture sharing, car screen mobile phone real-time navigation function, etc.;

4) Music: supports local music and Bluetooth music modes;

5) Film and television: Support local video playback.

3. Call and voice functions: Voice calls and prompts are dialed through the display screen and voice calls are realized through the terminal; compatible with original car audio, supports Bluetooth hands-free calls, and supports navigation voice prompts.

4. Video function: Blind spot detection: four-channel video input display, front, rear, left and right, supports reversing images, superimposes reversing auxiliary lines, and effectively reduces reversing safety accidents.

5. NM network management: Supports OSEK direct network management (NM) to reduce vehicle power consumption.

6. UDS diagnosis: Supports UDS diagnosis function, which can quickly troubleshoot operating faults of processing equipment, improve vehicle maintenance efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.

7. Air conditioning control: Supports adjusting the air conditioning on and off, air outlet mode, air volume, temperature, etc. through the screen.

8. Vehicle control: Supports controlling vehicle door lock switches, glass lift, and indoor light switches through the screen.

9. Radio: supports FM/AM radio function, 8-channel power amplifier output.

10. Multi-function steering wheel: Supports multi-function steering wheel, which can quickly control vehicle volume, phone and other functions.

Specification parameters



10.1-inch TFT capacitive touch display,   resolution 1024 × 600


4 channels of SD input, 1 channel of CVBS   SD output

The reversing image starts in less than 3   seconds


8 channels of 10 W @24V speaker output, four tweeters and four basses.

1 built-in microphone

3.5mm headphone jack


Radio FM/AM


Bluetooth hands-free calling

Connect the remote control to control the   multimedia display to realize air conditioning, vehicle control and other   functions


Built-in WIFI module, 2.4G, connects to   hotspots, WIFI mobile phone screen projection




One TF card slot on the front ( maximum   support 128G ) and one USB   interface

Multifunction steering wheel

Quickly   control audio volume, car phone, etc.

Wireless screencasting

Project videos,   music, pictures, and navigation from your mobile phone to the car display

The main technical parameters

Operating Voltage

18 32V _ DC

Working current

Working current: <4.5A@24V DC

Quiescent current: <260mA@24V DC

Sleep current: <2mA@24V DC

Operating temperature


storage temperature


Relative humidity

5% ~ 95% no condensation

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