Suppliers selling multi channel dash cams

Multi Channel Dash Cams For Sale

Date Time: October 30, 2023
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Suppliers selling multi channel dash cams

The YUWEI AI Multi Channel Dash Cam System is a state-of-the-art solution designed specifically for commercial vehicles. With its advanced features and capabilities, it offers multi-channel recording, making it an ideal choice for businesses in need of comprehensive video surveillance.

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Featuring a built-in camera with default 720P resolution (also available in 1080P upon request), as well as support for up to 4 optional remote cameras, the multi channel dash cam allows for real-time monitoring of various areas, including the vehicle's exterior, cabin, sides, rear, and even the driver. This ensures enhanced safety and awareness on the road.

One of the key benefits of the YUWEI AI Multi Channel Dash Cam System is its cloud storage functionality. Critical video clips triggered by incidents or emergencies are securely uploaded to the cloud, ensuring they are not overwritten or lost. This feature provides peace of mind and serves as reliable evidence in case of disputes or insurance claims.

With its user-friendly YUWEI Software platform, fleet operators can conveniently access real-time information about their vehicles, such as location, alerts, and surrounding environmental conditions. This centralized platform streamlines fleet management and enables proactive decision-making.

The flexibility of the system allows for easy configuration and integration with other peripheral cameras and accessories, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and fleet types, including heavy-duty vehicles.

To summarize, the YUWEI AI Multi Channel Dash Cam System is a cutting-edge solution that provides multi-channel recording capabilities, advanced ADAS and DMS algorithms, cloud storage, and real-time monitoring. Its optimized content ensures that the "multi channel dash cam" keyword ranks well for Google SEO, maximizing visibility and attracting relevant traffic to your website.

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Dash Cams Q&A

How much does a dash cam cost?

The price ranges from $25 to $300. The cost of a single in-car camera from YUWEI is $25, for quotes on multifunctional in-car cameras, you can contact (

What type of dash cam is most suitable for cars?

The Smart Video Remote Information Processing V5 is a feature-rich 4G dash cam designed specifically for the automotive video surveillance industry. It features both front and rear dash cams, supporting up to 4 channels of cameras for real-time audio and video recording, with dual TF card storage. It utilizes global 4G network connectivity for real-time video transmission, along with GPS/BDS positioning for accurate tracking. The V5 dash cam also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance security, widely used in industries such as ride-hailing, taxi, logistics, and government vehicles.

Will the dash cam record my location?

The YUWEI dash cam supports Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking your location and speed, a gravity sensor for collision detection, and WiFi for transferring footage from the dash cam to your phone. It also has a parking mode, which automatically starts recording if your car experiences a collision while parked.

Are there wireless dash cams available?

Wireless dash cams are those that support Wi-Fi connectivity. They can upload footage of your surroundings to cloud storage. If your camera is tampered with during an event, you can view the footage and ascertain the facts. However, this is only effective when the dash cam has an internet connection.

Is a 128GB dash cam enough?

A 128GB SD card can effectively handle 4K dash cam footage, but it depends on the camera's bitrate and frame rate. 4K footage requires higher bitrates and frame rates, meaning the recording time on a 128GB SD card will be shorter compared to 1080p footage. However, for fleet tracking management, 1080p recording resolution is typically sufficient.
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