Multi channel mobile or car DVR or black box V5

Date Time: September 15, 2023
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Author: Yuwei

Yuwei V5 is a multi-channel vehicle-mounted video monitoring system that adopts H.265 compression technology and supports real-time remote monitoring. It integrates intelligent driving warning systems including ADAS, DSM, BSD, HOD, and 360 panoramic functions, as well as 4G broadband multimedia wireless transmission car travel recorder, and supports 8-channel DVR high-definition surveillance and video storage.

Multi channel mobile or car DVR or black box V5

Product Description:

1. Integrated design ensures high reliability and combines driving recorder, video recording, and active safety algorithms.

2. Supports intelligent monitoring functions such as ADAS, DSM, HOD, BSD, 360 panorama, passenger status, compartment loading, and cargo status.

3. Can transmit data to multiple monitoring centers simultaneously.

4. Flexible combination design with options for 6/8-channel analog video input, supporting up to 8-channel 720P analog high-definition video capture/4-channel 1080P analog high-definition video capture and storage. It also features 4-channel audio input, 1-channel MIC, and 1-channel CVBS output for comprehensive audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording.

5. Supports storage on both hard disk and SD card for data security.

6. Incorporates a unique heat dissipation design process for higher product reliability.

7. Equipped with reliable storage medium protection to prevent random disassembly of the hard disk and SD card.

8. Supports the latest video standard H.265 format.

9. Features 4-level hard disk shockproof protection mechanism to improve the service life of the hard disk.

10. Includes UPR (uninterruptible power supply recording) function to prevent video loss during power failure.

11. Provides low-voltage protection function for vehicle battery safety.

12. Utilizes a self-developed file storage system to ensure data security and prevent tampering.

Yuwei V5 is designed for enterprises and regulatory authorities to carry out effective remote management of vehicles and effectively curb unsafe driving behaviors, reducing the risk of driving accidents. It is a valuable investment for transportation companies, logistics providers, and other businesses that rely on vehicle fleets. The exact pricing and availability of Yuwei V5 may vary depending on the market and specific vendor. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

Multi channel mobile or car DVR or black box

Multi channel mobile or car DVR or black box

Multi channel mobile or car DVR or black box

Multi channel mobile or car DVR or black box

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