Public Bus Passenger Flow Statistical Solution

Public Bus Passenger Flow Statistical Solution

Date Time: January 29, 2024
Reading volume: 235
Author: YUWEI

Public Bus Passenger Flow Statistical Solution

Addressing the issue of mismatch between the temporal distribution of passenger flow and the geographical distribution of vehicle capacity in urban public transportation, leading to inefficient passenger loading and even potential traffic safety incidents.

YUWEI has developed an intelligent traffic passenger flow statistical solution for the transportation industry based on visual algorithms. It accurately counts the passenger flow at entrances and exits during different time periods, facilitating the rational planning of vehicle dispatch and allocation.

Bus Passenger Flow Statistical

Passenger Flow Statistical Features

Real-time headcount

Monitoring the human characteristics at the entrances and exits of public transportation areas in real-time, dynamically counting the number of people entering and exiting to achieve real-time control of personnel flow.

Diverse scene monitoring

For scenes with significant pedestrian traffic, using visual solutions to predict the flow direction of crowds, enabling real-time monitoring of passenger flow in various scenarios such as one-way, two-way, and intersections with multiple people crossing.

Solution Hardware

Onboard cameras

AI mobile DVR

YUWEI's passenger flow statistical solution is designed for urban public transportation such as buses, subways, and trams, providing visual solutions for monitoring and counting passenger flow. It facilitates timely crowd control and restriction, effectively managing congestion or crowded conditions in core areas, and providing early warnings for potential safety hazards."

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