Truck Camera Systems

Reversing Camera for Truck

Date Time: April 18, 2024
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Truck Camera Systems

Truck Reversing Camera System is a combination of cameras and onboard displays designed to enhance the visual perception of drivers and passengers by providing valuable information, such as distances or speeds concerning other vehicles. It is eMark certified. Through this system, videos from all four views (left/center/right/reverse) are displayed on the central screen or digital rearview mirror. The rearview mirror automatically activates or dims according to the user's line of sight and can detect moving objects.

Truck Reversing Camera System

Features of the Truck Camera System:

- 1080P Left and Right Blind Spot Rearview:

   - Ultra-wide viewing angle to minimize blind spots.

   - High-speed video frame transmission with no delay.

   - Clear image, realistic distance perception, and delicate display.

- HD Starlight Night Vision:

   - High-definition imaging with strong penetration, capable of breaking through rain and fog.

   - Undistorted all-glass lens with top-tier starlight night vision system, providing clear vision even in low light conditions.

   - Anti-glare and anti-backlight for safe driving.

- HD Dual-channel Driving Recorder:

   - Dual-channel high-definition recording for both distant and close-range views.

   - Long-loop recording support with file locking protection.

   - Dedicated onboard camera with automatic stabilization.

- Reverse Rearview [Optional]:

   - Quick response and automatic display of the reversing image for trucks.

   - Supports large-angle imaging without distortion.

   - Built-in speaker for receiving reverse instructions.

   - Increases the reversing safety of commercial vehicles and large vehicles.

   - Dustproof and waterproof reversing camera.

- Adaptive Screen Brightness:

   - Supports automatic backlight brightness adjustment.

   - Day and night light adaptive to reduce product energy consumption.

- Driving Video Playback:

   - Convenient and quick operation with support for video playback.

   - Supports list file selection/locking/deletion.

- Convenient Operation:

   - Supports traditional panel button operation and infrared remote control.

   - Satisfies the operational habits of users in various scenarios, making operation more convenient.

- HD Night Vision:

   - All camera modules feature HDR wide dynamic imaging, automatic white balance, intelligent noise reduction, and color correction technologies to adapt to various lighting conditions.

   - Customized all-glass HD lens for sharp imaging.

   - Optimized tuning for all-weather imaging systems, providing clear vision even in rain and fog.

- Close-range and Distant-view Split Screen Display:

   -Dual 1080P high-definition driving records for distant and close-range views.

   -Supports video playback and list file selection/locking/deletion.

   -Seamless recording without missing seconds, with long real-time loop recording and important file locking protection



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