Why School Bus Needs Video Camera System

The Best School Bus video Camera System

Date Time: December 06, 2023
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Why School Bus Needs Video Camera System

The safety of school buses has always been a topic of concern in society. In fact, the majority of past school bus accidents have occurred due to drivers' non-compliance with regulations, illegal speeding, overloading, driver forgetting students, and lack of supervision by the school.


School Bus Video Camera System

So, how can effective video tracking management be carried out on school buses to ensure the safety of students while they are on board?


The School Bus Video Camera System solution offered by CHINA YUWEI consists of a software platform, on-board terminal host, cameras, SOS alarm buttons, card readers (fingerprint scanners), etc. This system collects data such as videos, images, GPS information, and student information to strengthen the management of vehicles, drivers, and students. It effectively achieves real-time monitoring of school bus vehicles and status alarms to enhance the safety of vehicle operations.


School Bus Video Camera solution

Student Information Management

Student information management mainly involves adding, modifying, canceling, and binding basic information of students, guardians, class teachers, and attendants.


Detailed Record of Student Card Swiping

When students get on and off the bus, they swipe their cards on the card reader, and the swiping information is uploaded to the management platform. The platform analyzes the data in the database and finds the contact information of the corresponding student;s parents based on the reported student card swiping information. It promptly informs the parents of the student;s arrival or departure status through an app or text message.


Real-Time Monitoring of School Bus Location

Real-time information about the school bus;s group, driver;s name, driving speed, direction, and current location can be viewed.


Real-Time Video Monitoring of School Bus

Supervisory authorities, schools, and school bus operators can view the video displayed on the platform in real time to monitor the driving and riding conditions of the students, and it can provide strong evidence for traffic accidents.


Remote Trajectory Playback

The platform allows viewing the trajectory of the school bus at any time, displaying the vehicle's latitude and longitude, driving direction, speed, alarm situation, positioning type, and other data.


Statistical Analysis

This includes statistics on the number of students, school bus driving data, and driver behavior analysis.


On-Board Terminal

The main hardware device in this solution is the on-board video terminal DASH CAM v5, which is a cost-effective and expandable 4G on-board monitoring device. It supports up to 4 cameras, provides real-time audio and video recording, and uses dual TF card storage. It achieves real-time video transmission through global 4G network connection, while GPS/BDS positioning ensures precise tracking. It also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance safety. It is widely used in school buses, freight vehicles, and other fleets.


School bus dash cam features

1. Vehicle positioning

2. Monitoring and alarm

3. Remote listening

4. Fuel and power cutoff

5. SOS emergency assistance

6. On-board phone

7. Smart scheduling

8. Voice broadcast

9. Historical trajectory playback

10. Video monitoring


How much does the School Bus Video Camera System cost?

The price of the School Bus Video Camera System depends on the included hardware devices and software functionalities. The cost of a school bus camera is $25 USD, for example. Factors such as the number of cameras you plan to install on the school bus, how many DVRs you want, and whether you require 1080p recording will affect the overall price. You can submit your requirements to us, and we will reply to your email with a formal quotation within 12 hours.

*Our advantage lies in offering more competitive prices for similar products (as we are a Chinese manufacturer).

Is the YUWEI School Bus Video Camera System compliant?

The hardware devices included in the YUWEI School Bus Video Camera System have passed EU CE and US FCC testing and certification and hold CE certification certificates.

Furthermore, the YUWEI factory has internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system qualification. Please feel confident in purchasing from us!

Does your School Bus Video Camera System include onboard monitoring devices?

Yes, YUWEI provides a complete set of school bus software and hardware services. In addition to offering our independently developed multilingual School Bus Video Camera System, we are also manufacturers of onboard monitoring devices. We manufacture the hardware required for the management system, such as GPS trackers, DVRs, ADAS cameras, DSM cameras, onboard displays, blind spot cameras, interior cameras, exterior cameras, facial recognition machines, life detection devices, etc.

What is school bus tracking?

School bus tracking involves using GPS/BDSS satellite positioning, 1080p cameras, and 4G/5G communication to monitor the daily operations of school buses. Schools and parents can access real-time GPS location information of the school bus, estimated arrival times, including arrival and departure times at each stop, the duration of each stop, bus delay alerts, and the ability to provide pickup/drop-off services for students.

School Bus camera installation

You can contact our hardware engineer team for installation: Email: hello@yuweitek.com

school bus camera companies:China YUWEI

school bus camera locations

Installation positions of school bus cameras: Front interior (above the driver's seat), rear interior, door area, front exterior, rear exterior.
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