Logistics Fleet Tracking Management Monitoring System

Logistics Fleet Tracking Management Monitoring System

Date Time: January 17, 2024
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Logistics Fleet Tracking Management Monitoring System

The logistics fleet tracking management system developed by YUWEI enables real-time monitoring of vehicles, including live status, trips, locations, and violation alarms, providing a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the vehicle, including transportation conditions.(hello@yuweitek.com)


Logistics Fleet Tracking Management Monitoring System

Logistics Fleet Monitoring System Features

Trip Prediction

The system can predict the distance from the driver to the pickup and delivery points, calculate pickup and delivery times. Warehouses can prepare for incoming goods in advance, while also monitoring traffic conditions to predict situations such as traffic jams and adverse weather.

Delay Reminders

Track real-time vehicle conditions, provide warning alerts for abnormal situations, monitor vehicle task status in real-time, and predict potential delays, overspeeding, etc.

Logistics Lock Application (activated in specified areas)

The system can apply logistics locks to transport vehicles, allowing them to be opened only at delivery points. Each time the logistics lock is opened, there is a record, enhancing the security management of logistics transportation.

Message Notifications

Real-time notifications of the transportation process, such as vehicle departure, arrival at loading points, and arrival at unloading points.

Alarm Records

Records of overspeeding, delayed warnings, delayed arrivals, and unauthorized unlocking, among other alarm records.

Vehicle Historical Trajectory Playback

The historical playback feature allows viewing the historical trajectory, location, speed, mileage, and other information of vehicles within a selected time frame.

Fence Alarms

Setting specific areas for travel, entering or leaving the designated area within a specified time triggers system alerts, with detailed data details saved.

Door Status

Displaying the door status through door magnetic sensors and automatically taking photos for door opening and closing verification.

Real-time Video Monitoring

Providing real-time video monitoring to offer detailed services to customers.

Capacity Optimization

Involves loading and route optimization, including core operational data, vehicle travel time scheduling, and stable route planning.

Intelligent Route Planning

Combining orders with planned carriers, using algorithms to achieve optimal resource allocation, improving travel efficiency, and reducing costs.

Route Planning View

After completing route planning, dispatch it to the driver, and the driver can follow the route and make deliveries through the mobile app.

Scheduling Attendance

Supervising and managing personnel within specified shift times through adding shifts and creating attendance records.

Voice/Command Intercom Dispatch

Manually selecting vehicles to send dispatch information, supporting text and voice messages, individual calls, group calls, mass calls, and emergency alarm buttons.

Personnel Safety Management

Real-time monitoring of driver behavior, including smoking, answering calls, drowsiness, etc., and saving alarm images and videos.

Blind Spot Alarms

During right turns, alerting drivers to the right blind spot pedestrians through cameras and audible alarms.

Factory Reverse Radar Imaging Assistance Alarm

While reversing within the factory premises, assisting drivers with safety reverse warnings through rear cameras and radar.

Real-time Route Supervision

By pre-binding specified route conditions and setting speed limits, generating real-time alarm records and voice reminders for drivers to slow down and avoid route deviations.

Parking Overtime/Unattended Parking Alarms

Providing alarm services for parking overtime and unattended engine running, offering attentive services to customers.

Accident Tracking

Recording accident situations, obtaining vehicle locations, and viewing vehicle trajectories and video surveillance situations. 

Vehicle Load Weight Monitoring Statistics

Achieving all-weather monitoring of vehicle load through overload sensors, and providing statistical reports to reduce manual counting costs.

Logistics Fleet Tracking Q&A

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS tracking to monitor the activity of a fleet of vehicles and assets (e.g., workers, equipment). It is often referred to as vehicle tracking or Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

How is fleet tracking done?

At the center of a telematics system is a tracking device that gathers real-time data about the vehicle's location and status. This solution receives GPS data and sends it to a central server. The data is then processed and turned into updates accessed through fleet management software.

What is vehicle tracking and fleet management?

Vehicle tracking and fleet tracking by GPS, connects the location of your vehicles with software tracker devices that collect fleet data. This fleet management solution shows precisely the driver's time spent behind the wheel and when, where, and how your fleet is utilized.

Why use GPS for fleet?

By monitoring vehicles with GPS tools, fleet managers are able to achieve a higher level of visibility regarding their operations. They can know where each vehicle is located and can utilise data to make decisions and improve efficiency
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