School Bus Management Tracking System

School Bus Fleet Management & Tracking System

Date Time: February 01, 2024
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School Bus Management Tracking System

The School Bus Fleet Management and Tracking System is a self-developed on-board monitoring solution by YUWEI. It involves installing a 4G wireless video intelligent on-board terminal kit on school buses to achieve high-precision GPS real-time positioning, real-time 1080p audio-video dispatching, monitoring of the number of students boarding and alighting, and legal verification of the driver's identity. The system integrates with a backend data monitoring cloud platform to realize intelligent and secure school bus operational management.

School Bus Management Tracking System

What are the benefits of the School Bus Tracking Management System?

1. Reducing reckless driving behaviors of drivers, such as speeding, abrupt braking, and rapid acceleration.

2. Minimizing incidents of students being trapped in hot vehicles and other safety accidents.

3. Effectively regulating drivers to prevent malicious incidents inside the bus, with the capability to record events for easy evidence retrieval.

Features of the School Bus Tracking Management System

1. Comprehensive monitoring with multiple cameras

Supports up to 8 cameras with a resolution of up to 1080p for clear monitoring of the school bus. It is compatible with existing analog cameras and wiring, resulting in significant cost savings for engineering renovations.


School Bus Management System

2. Remote network real-time video monitoring of the school bus

Enables 4G remote monitoring and real-time listening through a PC or mobile app, ensuring continuous monitoring of the school bus.


3. GPS/BDS positioning system

The control center can perform emergency command dispatching for the vehicles.


4. Student boarding and alighting data monitoring

Facial recognition and related information are sent in real-time to the monitoring platform, creating an attendance sheet for students.


5. Real-time positioning and historical trajectory recording

Allows real-time location tracking and recording of the school bus's travel trajectory through a computer client or mobile app.


6. Remote downloading

Enables remote downloading of video segments, facilitating quick retrieval for analysis in case of accidents.


7. Remote upgrade and settings support, SMS settings support

Eliminates the need for on-site personnel when the school bus is outside, significantly saving maintenance and personnel costs.


8. Supports high-definition display and reverse rearview and side view

Implements on-board image-assisted driving features to increase the driver's field of view and eliminate blind spots.


9. Route deviation alarm.

Alerts in case of route deviation to ensure the safety of the school bus.


10. One-click real-time alarm for rapid response to emergencies.

In urgent situations, pressing the recorder's button triggers an immediate alarm prompt on the monitoring center, along with image and sound alarms.


Recommendations for installing the School Bus Tracking Management System

1. School Bus Management Functions

Manage, record, and query basic information about school buses.

Monitor and manage insurance, vehicle condition, fuel consumption, etc., for school buses.

Conduct batch queries and supervision of violation information for school buses.


2. Trajectory Management

Accurate GPS real-time positioning information query and real-time tracking or historical trajectory query for school buses.

1080p HD video real-time recording, allowing remote real-time video viewing of the video trajectory by supervisory personnel.

Integration of electronic maps, vehicle trajectories, real-time positions, electronic fences, and other functions.


3. Student Management

Manage basic information about students, such as student ID and name.

Manage and maintain student class information, teacher information, and facial recognition and card swipe records.


4. Data Statistics

Daily information on student card swipe records to understand student dynamics.

Reports on school bus deployment, travel trajectory records, financial-related reports, cost accounting reports, fueling records, vehicle inspection records, etc.


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