Dump truck DVR system

Dump truck CCTV DVR system

Date Time: June 25, 2024
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Dump truck DVR system

Dump truck CCTV DVR system by YUWEI in China has the following features, available for purchase:


Comprehensive Monitoring with Multiple Cameras

Supports multiple cameras with up to 1080P resolution, providing full coverage of dump truck operations. Enables remote video transmission to monitor real-time situations like spillage or dust emissions, and verifies if drivers unload in designated areas.

 Dump truck DVR system

1080P HD Video Mode

● Supports up to 4 channels of digital HD cameras, with simultaneous compatibility for 4 channels of analog HD or standard analog cameras.

● 1080P digital full HD cameras can be used in locations requiring higher image quality.

● Compatible with existing onboard analog cameras and wiring, significantly reducing retrofitting costs.


GPS/BDS Positioning System

Provides real-time speed information to supervise dump truck speed, preventing potential traffic accidents from speeding or traffic congestion due to slow driving.


Supports Remote Upgrade, Configuration, and Download

Enables remote upgrades, downloads of recorded segments, and quick retrieval of footage for analysis in case of accidents.

 Dump truck CCTV system

Supports Delayed Recording upon Shutdown

Even when the dump truck is parked at a rest stop and ignition is off, the recorder continues to capture video for a period, ensuring cargo security.


HD Display Support, Reverse and Side View Cameras

Enhances driving visibility and eliminates blind spots with onboard image-assisted driving features.


Speed Monitoring

Records vehicle speed and triggers overspeed alarms.

Long Stop Alert

Generates alerts if the dump truck remains parked at a location for an extended period, effectively monitoring potential unauthorized unloading.


One-Click Real-Time Alarm for Emergency Response

In emergencies, pressing the recorder's emergency button prompts an immediate alarm notification at the monitoring center, accompanied by visual and audio alerts.


Accelerometer (G-Sensor)

Records accelerometer data, triggering alarms when abnormal vehicle movements occur.


Lane Departure Warning

Automatically alerts if the dump truck deviates from its planned route, preventing drivers from taking longer routes to save costs while claiming standard expenses.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Road Safety Driving

DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) System

Identifies fatigue, smoking, phone usage, yawning, etc., issuing alerts to prompt timely breaks and ensure compliance with driving regulations.


Lighter, Smaller, Easier Installation


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