Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams V5

Date Time: September 18, 2023
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Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Yuweitek "V5" is the most affordable dual dash cam, car intelligent video terminal V5 (4-channel Android version) is a 4G dash cam with integrated high-definition video recording function. Its price is only 80% of the cost of a dash cam with similar performance; it can save you costs;

 Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams V5

V5 adopts Android 10.1 system, supports 4-way internal and external cameras, real-time local video recording:

(1) 1080P front camera;

(2) 720P in-vehicle camera;

(3) 720P DSM camera;

(4) 720P rear passenger or trunk camera.


Support voice intercom, face recognition, TF card video storage, 4G network real-time video transmission and Beidou/GPS positioning.


It can be widely used in online car-hailing, taxis, logistics vehicles, official vehicles and other industries.


V5 has the following features:

• Built-in high-precision GPS module, which can realize remote real-time positioning monitoring, driving track playback, overspeed alarm, etc.;

• Support remote real-time video playback, historical video playback, etc.;

• Ultra-clear real-time video recording, AHD1080P, three-way 720P high-definition camera;

• Large memory supports up to 4TB TF card, which can store real-time video;

• Support ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) functions;

• Support face recognition;

• Support SOS emergency alarm;

• Support overspeed alarm, overtime alarm, collision alarm, electronic fence settings;

• Support device power-on self-test, abnormal reporting;

• One RS485/RS232 serial port box can be connected externally;

• Mobile terminal function settings, video playback, download, real-time playback, etc., support historical track query.

Product link: Fleet Dash Cam

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

Best Affordable Dual Dash Cams

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