Truck camera Monitor System

The best Truck camera Monitor System

Date Time: December 11, 2023
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Truck camera Monitor System

Logistics is the lifeblood of global economic circulation, supplying goods and transporting essential supplies worldwide. With the increasing number of freight vehicles, various loopholes in vehicle management have gradually emerged. Complaints from customers about delayed deliveries, unclear responsibility for damaged or lost goods, and other issues are common. In operational scenarios such as vehicle hijackings, lost or damaged cargo along the route, drivers violating regulations, abnormal fuel consumption, and safety accidents, it is difficult to pinpoint the real causes. These problems severely affect the company's image and significantly hinder its further development. It is imperative for logistics management to reduce operating costs, improve service levels, and meet the needs of customers and social development. This requires logistics companies to have timely, accurate, and comprehensive access to information about their transport vehicles and to achieve real-time monitoring and dispatching of these vehicles.

Truck camera Monitor System

Challenges in truck management include:

1) Although freight vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning systems for navigation and dispatching, the security of goods is not guaranteed. Complaints from customers due to lost or damaged goods occur frequently, and disputes over compensation often arise between logistics companies, customers, and insurance companies, as it is difficult to provide evidence to distinguish responsibility.

2) The standardization of driver operations and supervision of vehicle routes are lacking, leading to safety hazards during transportation such as speeding, fatigue driving, traffic violations, and using phones while driving.

3) Customers usually have to inquire about the location of their goods, whether they have been delivered on time, and when they will be delivered through phone calls or by checking the courier's official website. Small-scale logistics companies may not even provide tracking services, and logistics companies often find it overwhelming to handle customer inquiries about the whereabouts and delivery time of goods.

4) Fuel theft incidents involving trucks occur frequently, which increases the operating costs of logistics companies and poses challenging management issues. Mishandling such incidents can affect the drivers' morale.

5) In the event of accidents, robberies, vehicle breakdowns, or traffic congestion during transportation, the monitoring center's inability to respond promptly can cause delays in delivering goods, leading to customer complaints.

6) As society continuously raises its expectations for the quality of logistics services, improving service levels is crucial for companies to succeed in the market competition.

YUWEI Truck Camera Monitor System

YUWEI, a Chinese company, has launched the new Truck Camera Monitor System, which utilizes 4G mobile networks to upload audio, video, alarm information, and GPS data. It also enables remote management operations such as device upgrades, parameter modifications, digital intercom, and remote capture.

Truck camera Monitor System

The truck camera surveillance system is a critical component of the entire solution. It collects audio and video data by installing cameras inside and outside the vehicle, achieving comprehensive and secure monitoring. It uses the GPS global satellite positioning system to provide real-time vehicle tracking. Additionally, it connects to onboard alarm switches to enable corresponding alarm notifications (e.g., alarm buttons, brakes, door sensors, etc.). With a digital intercom device, communication between the platform and individual/multiple vehicles can be established. Equipped with a fatigue driving monitor, it can monitor driver fatigue status to prevent traffic accidents (for refrigerated logistics vehicles, temperature sensors can be installed to monitor the temperature inside the compartment). By installing an oil level sensor on the equipment terminal, the monitoring center can receive timely alerts for abnormal fuel levels, preventing fuel theft incidents. The onboard MDVR main unit encodes, stores, and wirelessly transmits audio, video, and alarm data via 3G/4G networks to the server, enabling remote monitoring and management of vehicles.

YUWEI Truck Camera Installation Locations:

Camera installation positions (multiple compartments camera options depending on the size of the vehicle):

1) Front-facing camera: Functions as a driving recorder.

2) Driver's seat camera: Ensures standardized operations, anti-robbery measures, and provides alarm functions.

3) Fuel tank camera: Monitors fuel theft incidents.

4) Exterior camera of cargo compartment: Monitors the cargo area and helps in investigating lost items.

5) Exterior camera of cargo compartment: Monitors the cargo area and helps in investigating lost items.

6) Interior camera of cargo compartment: Monitors the cargo area and helps in investigating lost items.

7) Interior camera of cargo compartment: Monitors the status of the cargo.

8) Rear camera: Provides rear-view conditions and helps in investigating lost items.

The fleet management software platform consists of an IVMS system, backend management software, and client software, forming a remote monitoring and management center. It allows simultaneous remote real-time monitoring, recording, and capturing of multiple vehicles; video search, download, analysis, and playback; integrates with GIS electronic maps to view vehicle distribution status; enables trajectory tracking and playback; and provides access to alarm information, quickly locating the geographic position and on-site video of the alarmed vehicle. Additionally, WiFi automatic download servers can be set up in centralized parking lots for vehicles, automatically downloading surveillance video files to designated servers.

ADAS/DSM/HOD(Truck camera Monitor System)

Configure DSM (Driver State Monitoring), HOD (Head-Up Display), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) intelligent video detection functions to achieve driver behavior detection and driving safety warning through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

truck dash cam

Example of Truck camera Monitor System Installation

Truck camera System

The Yuwei Truck Tracking Management System is used by logistics vehicles from over 30 countries. Well-known brands include Yuxin Logistics, Liuzhou Qiangshi, China Construction Fourth Bureau, Shaogang Jiayang, China Resources Cement, and Conch Cement.

Which trucks does this management system apply to?

Commercial trucks, semi-trailer trucks, work trucks, track trucks, express trucks, dump trucks, trailers, large trucks, box trucks, food distribution trucks, garbage trucks, etc.

Truck Camera Monitor System features

1. Real-time 1080p video monitoring: Equipped with a 4G network, it supports real-time viewing of both interior and exterior video footage of the truck, allowing monitoring of the truck's operational status and cargo condition.

2. High-definition video recording: The truck camera system comes with cloud storage capability, enabling the recording and cloud-based storage of surveillance footage for later playback and review.

3. Remote control access: The 4G network allows remote control by management personnel (e.g., locking the vehicle), enabling access to the monitoring system via the internet or mobile network to view real-time footage of the truck anytime, anywhere.

4. One-touch alarm: The system can be set up with various alarm methods such as sound alarms and motion detection alarms. In case of any abnormal situations, users will be promptly alerted.

5. GPS tracking: The YUWEI truck camera system is equipped with a GPS tracker, allowing real-time tracking of the truck's location for convenient management and monitoring purposes.

6. Video analysis/statistical reports: The YUWEI truck camera system includes reporting and statistical functions, automatically identifying and alarming deviations from routes, collisions, and abnormal behaviors. Data reports for a month or a specific period can be compiled for administrator reference."

Truck Camera Monitor System configuration

We will be equipped with an integrated dashcam that includes GPS, front and rear dual cameras, night vision, and other features. Additionally, it will include a Mobile DVR

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