Truck Camera recording System Solutions

The best Truck Camera recording System

Date Time: December 11, 2023
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Truck Camera recording System Solutions

With the development of the economy, the transportation of goods plays an increasingly important role in people's lives. However, there are still issues such as cargo loss, driver fatigue, speeding, and overloading. In order to ensure the safety of the freight fleet and cargo, supervise driver behavior and ensure personal safety, as well as effectively manage vehicle information, China's YUWEI has launched a cost-effective solution called the Truck Camera Recording System.

Truck Camera recording System

Features of the Truck Camera Recording System:

1.Comprehensive monitoring with multiple cameras

Supports up to 8 cameras with a resolution of up to 1080P, providing comprehensive monitoring of the truck's condition.

2.1080P HD video mode

Supports 4 channels of digital HD cameras, simultaneously supports 4 channels of analog HD cameras or regular analog cameras. It is also compatible with existing analog cameras and wiring, significantly reducing engineering costs.

3.Remote network real-time video monitoring of the truck's condition

Enables remote monitoring and real-time listening of images through computer client/mobile app via 4G network, ensuring continuous monitoring of the truck's condition.

4.Real-time positioning and historical trajectory recording

Real-time positioning of the truck's location through computer client/mobile app, recording the truck's driving trajectory, and tracking its movements in real-time.

5.Remote downloading

Enables remote downloading of video segments for quick retrieval and analysis during accidents.

6.Supports remote upgrading and settings, as well as SMS settings

No need for on-site personnel when the truck is away, greatly saving maintenance and personnel costs.

7.Supports delayed recording when powered off

Even when the truck is parked at a rest stop and the ignition signal is turned off, the recorder can still record within a certain time period, ensuring the safety of the cargo.

8.Supports high-definition display and rear/side view during reverse parking

Enables image-assisted driving functions, expanding the driver's field of vision and eliminating blind spots.

9.Vehicle speed support

Supports speed recording and overspeed alarm.

10.Long parking time alarm (optional)

Generates an alarm when the truck has been parked in one place for too long, effectively monitoring any unauthorized unloading of goods.

11.One-click real-time alarm for quick response to sudden situations on-site

In case of emergencies, pressing the alarm button will immediately trigger an alarm prompt at the monitoring center.

Truck Camera System

Camera installation positions (multiple camera options depending on the size of the vehicle):

1) Front-view camera: Functions as a dashcam.

2) Driver-view camera: Standardizes operation, prevents robbery, and triggers alarms.

3) Fuel tank camera: Monitors fuel theft.

4) External box camera: Monitors cargo area and checks for lost items.

5) Rear camera: Provides rear view and checks for lost items.

Benefits of installing the Truck Camera Recording System

Installing this system can reduce accident rates by 90%. Cameras will be installed in important areas, such as the driver's cabin, in each vehicle of the fleet. A 24/7 real-time monitoring system will track the vehicle's operation, providing continuous reminders and recording. If the driver engages in risky behaviors such as speeding, fatigue driving, smoking, or using a cellphone, the cabin will sound an alarm and voice reminders to ensure safe driving. Additionally, cameras installed to cover blind spots around the vehicle will trigger timely alarms inside the cabin if anyone approaches the vehicle.

China's YUWEI was established in 1998. It is a professional company specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of vehicle monitoring systems. The company has a research and development team of 230 people, advanced manufacturing processes, and a professional service team. The vehicle monitoring products developed and produced by the company are at the forefront of the industry in terms of stability, reliable 4G transmission, and image clarity.

Our biggest advantage lies in offering competitive prices for products with the same performance! Please feel free to inquire about product costs:

Which trucks does this management system apply to?

Commercial trucks, semi-trailer trucks, work trucks, track trucks, express trucks, dump trucks, trailers, large trucks, box trucks, food distribution trucks, garbage trucks, etc.

If my fleet tracking management needs change, what should I do?

We understand that as your fleet business grows and the number of vehicles increases, you may require more advanced tracking management features. Our Yuwei system supports secondary development, and we will recommend to you the latest monitoring devices and management platform that can meet your needs.

What is a truck tracking management system?

A truck tracking management system allows managers to remotely view real-time detailed data of their fleet. This includes information such as mileage, fuel consumption, GPS location, vehicle condition, driver status, and more. All of this data can be accessed remotely from the management system backend.

Why should your truck fleet use vehicle tracking management?

1. Truck GPS tracking allows managers to have a clear understanding of the current location of the fleet.

2. The use of a tracking management system with 1080p cameras enables managers to monitor the interior of the vehicle, including the driver's status.

3. Equipping AI DASH CAM allows the fleet to have evidence for insurance claims in case of accidents and other incidents.

4. With the one-click alarm feature, drivers can easily trigger an alarm and send real-time location information in case of extortion, robbery, or other emergencies, helping managers respond effectively.

5. The system generates various statistical reports, including mileage, route maps, fuel consumption, and instances of violations. It also provides trend analysis based on the data, making fleet management more convenient for managers.

What truck fleet management solutions does Yuwei offer?

Yuwei provides industry-leading fleet management solutions. The fleet management solutions provide real-time data and insights into vehicle location, performance, and driver behavior for managers, enabling small and large businesses with fleets to maximize efficiency and safety in their operations.
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