Vehicle blackbox DVR full HD 1080P price

Date Time: October 20, 2023
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Vehicle blackbox DVR full HD 1080P price

Car DVR Full HD 1080P Price: The price of a car DVR with full HD 1080P resolution varies depending on the brand. A regular camera costs around $10 or more. If it is equipped with a high-end 1080P camera, the cost ranges from $30 to $60. If it includes GPS and supports multiple HD camera channels recording, the cost is relatively higher and is commonly used by fleet companies.

Vehicle blackbox DVR full HD 1080P price

Yuwei's car DVR utilizes an industrial-grade high-speed processing chip, integrating global 4G wireless transmission, WIFI communication, DVR function, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

It supports advanced monitoring features such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring), passenger status, cabin loading, and cargo condition. This ensures high-level intelligent monitoring and enhances overall safety.

It supports 6-channel analog video input, including 2 channels of 1080P HD video, 2 audio inputs, 1 IPC input, and 1 CVBS output, enabling comprehensive audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording.

Data can be stored on hard drives or SD cards, ensuring data security with dual storage capability.

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Car DVR Full HD 1080P Features

A car DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a device used to record videos and save driving data during vehicle travel. Here are some common features and characteristics of a Full HD 1080P car DVR:

1. High-definition video quality: Full HD 1080P resolution provides clear and detailed video recording.

2. Storage medium: Uses built-in hard drives or removable SD cards as storage media to save recorded videos and vehicle data.

3. Night vision function: Equipped with night vision mode or infrared lights to capture clear images in low-light conditions.

4. Loop recording: Supports loop recording, which automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the storage space is full, ensuring continuous recording.

5. Collision detection: Has collision detection capability that automatically locks important video segments when a collision or strong impact is detected, preventing them from being overwritten.

6. GPS positioning: Some car DVRs are equipped with a GPS module to record vehicle location, speed, and route.

7. G-sensor: Built-in G-sensor detects vehicle acceleration and sudden braking, recording relevant data accordingly.

8. Track recording: Records vehicle travel trajectory and route, aiding accident reconstruction and liability determination.

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