Vehicle remote monitoring and management platform

Vehicle remote monitoring and management platform

Date Time: December 29, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Vehicle remote monitoring and management platform

The intelligent terminal devices developed by the customers company have been installed in the current fleet vehicles. The customer aims to utilize this intelligent vehicle management platform to achieve data collection from vehicle positions, road conditions, surrounding environmental information, and other sensor data. Subsequently, the collected data will undergo statistical analysis and model training to further analyze driver behavior. This is done to meet the specific management needs of different fleets, enabling online intelligent supervision of vehicles. Simultaneously, it provides precise data support for terminal enterprise decision-making.

Vehicle remote monitoring

Functions of the Vehicle Monitoring System:

1. Vehicle Status Monitoring

Real-time acquisition of various vehicle status information displayed on the map, such as the distribution of vehicle positions, types of individual vehicles, license plates, current locations, and driving status.

2. Driver Check-in Management

Provides software check-in functionality, supporting online check-ins for drivers within a 100-meter range of the vehicle. It also tracks the driver's attendance rate.

3. Electronic Fence and Track Management

Determines normal commuting and return by preset work hours and vehicle locations, issuing abnormal alerts. Records the vehicle's travel trajectory and supports historical data queries.

4. Vehicle Fuel Consumption Statistical Analysis

Monitors real-time fuel consumption of each vehicle, generates historical fuel consumption trend line graphs, and reflects situations such as normal/abnormal fuel consumption and insufficient fuel levels. Achieves intelligent fuel consumption management.

5. Driving Behavior Analysis

Conducts statistical analysis of driving behavior data for each vehicle, including daytime/nighttime travel information, speeding situations, fatigue driving, AEB event statistics, etc.

6. Data Statistical Reports

The platform provides data statistical reports from different dimensions, helping enterprises intuitively obtain vehicle operational data and providing data support for business decision-making.


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