What is Telematics Control Unit

What is Telematics Control Unit?

Date Time: April 18, 2024
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What is Telematics Control Unit

Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is an electronic device installed inside vehicles, featuring functions such as remote monitoring, vehicle positioning/navigation, safety features, and vehicle communication, enabling communication and data transmission with the external environment, enhancing the intelligence level of automobiles, and improving vehicle safety, convenience, and connectivity.

What is Telematics Control Unit

Telematics Control Unit A6 is recommended for new energy vehicles, integrating 3G/4G wireless communication, real-time GPS/BDS positioning, and CAN/OBD vehicle data diagnostic technology. It is specifically designed for modern intelligent networked vehicles. The terminal supports deep reading of vehicle CAN data, collection, storage, and transmission of vehicle data, analysis of engine emission status, and DTC fault data, suitable for diesel vehicles and new energy vehicles.


Telematics Control Unit A6 features:

- Large capacity memory: Built-in 8GB memory for collecting and storing engine CAN data.

- Rich CAN protocols: Compatible with international standard CAN protocols such as SAE J1939, ISO 15031, and ISO 27145.

- Universal communication: Supports 4G/3G/2G universal communication, GPS/BD dual-mode positioning.

- Standard OBD interface: Supports standard OBD interface, perfectly compatible with various vehicle models on the market.

- Electrical isolation: Supports CAN electrical isolation, vehicle CAN data transmission and reception do not affect ECU operation.

- Battery support: Supports backup battery, can continue to operate for more than 30 minutes after vehicle power-off.

- Rich expansion interfaces: Supports multiple serial ports (IO/RS485/RS232) for other application expansions.

Telematics Control Unit

Telematics Control Unit specifications

Product number


Operating Voltage

24V, support 9 ~ 32V


138 × 85 × 30mm (length × width × height)

external connector

Main connector: TE-1318384-2 (40 Pin )

Peripheral USB connector: HSL Code-C HIROSE

Main 4G antenna connector: FAKRA-D

Auxiliary 4G antenna connector: FAKRA-H

GPS connector: FAKRA-C

Working current

Quiescent operating current

Less than or equal to 1mA/DC24V (CAN wake-up, timing wake-up, ACC ON wake-up)

average sleep current

Less than or equal to 10mA/DC24V (CAN wake-up, timing wake-up, ACC ON wake-up, vibration wake-up, remote wake-up)

Maximum operating current

Not more than 600mA


Built-in WIFI module and antenna, support hotspot, maximum access to 10 users



Real Time Clock

The 24-hour error is less than 3 seconds; the power failure lasts for more than 15 days


External hands-free speaker (reserved)

External call microphone (reserved)

indicator light

4: 4G network status indication, GPS positioning status indication, CAN status indication, WIFI status indication

SIM interface

Supports standard SIM cards and eSIM cards


Six-axis gyroscope/LSM6DS3

Temperature sensor/thermistor

communication function

4G communication module, dual APN

Compatible with 3G and GPRS communications, supports SMS text message function

spare battery

540mh/3.7V lithium battery

Supports business operation for 10 minutes after external power supply failure

battery switch button


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