Wheel loader safety camera monitoring system

Date Time: November 20, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

The wheel loader is a type of large construction machinery with high inherent risks, widely used in coal mines, construction, thermal power plants, and other large-scale storage yards. Due to its large body and numerous blind spots, as well as close proximity to workers during operations, it poses significant safety hazards. During nighttime operations and in dusty environments, drivers have difficulty seeing their surroundings, leading to increased safety risks.

 Wheel loader safety camera monitoring system

The wheel loader safety camera monitoring system utilizes artificial intelligence technology to collect real-time data through cameras and employs advanced algorithms for analysis and processing to promptly prevent accident risks.


The three-way cameras on the vehicle body can detect blind spots in a 270° range in real-time. Upon detecting personnel or obstacles, the system will issue warnings to the driver.


When individuals enter a predefined hazardous distance, the system will automatically reduce speed or apply brakes, effectively preventing collision accidents.


Furthermore, the product features precise nighttime recognition, accurately identifying personnel and obstacles in low-light and dusty environments, ensuring safety during nighttime operations.


Currently, this product has been successfully implemented in projects such as the "Weiqiao Aluminum and Power Plant Project" and the "Wuxuan Expressway Reconstruction Project," significantly reducing the risk of collisions and the likelihood of accidents involving wheel loader personnel for enterprises.


The camera monitoring system boasts AI precision collision prevention, behavioral driving management, facial recognition, fleet cloud management, 5G technology, and other advantages. With experience in over 500 successful installations, customer cases span various industries including port logistics, heavy manufacturing, and dairy, among others. Our products are certified with the U.S. FCC and EU CE certifications. We welcome inquiries and purchases from companies worldwide. Located in China, our products with equivalent performance are offered at relatively lower costs. Feel free to contact us!


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