Dash Cam Front and Rear with ADAS

1080p Dash Cam Front and Rear with ADAS

Date Time: March 28, 2024
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Dash Cam Front and Rear with ADAS

The YUWEI V5 Dash Cam is a true high-definition intelligent driving recorder with smart features: night vision, ADAS, FCW, PCW, and more.

The front and rear dash cam is equipped with a rear camera, enabling dual-channel recording, with a 135° wide-angle coverage that truly provides all-around protection.

It offers an intelligent safety experience with multiple smart features, including ADAS, FCW, PCW, voice control, and Bluetooth button for capturing, starting, and stopping recordings, allowing you to enjoy a smart product experience.

Dash Cam Front and Rear with ADAS

PCW refers to Pedestrian Collision Warning, which detects pedestrians in real-time, assesses the distance, direction, and relative speed between vehicles and pedestrians, and issues warning alerts in the event of potential collision risks.

FCW stands for Forward Collision Warning, which detects stationary or moving pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles ahead of the driver's vehicle.

The V5 comes with built-in 64GB EMMC storage, expandable with SD card support (this link provides a 128GB TF card), eliminating memory worries.

The V5 also features a 5G WIFI module (compatible with IOS and Android) for fast and stable real-time connectivity between the dash cam and your devices.

Loop recording technology ensures uninterrupted real-time recording (no dropped frames, no missing seconds), automatically overwriting unnecessary recordings (excluding emergency recordings of vehicle collisions) when the card is full.

In the event of a collision, the built-in gravity sensor module ensures that emergency videos are not overwritten.

Standard parking monitoring function. When the vehicle voltage drops below 11.8V, low voltage protection will automatically activate and stop recording. The built-in G-sensor can detect sudden shaking or collisions when the vehicle is stationary and automatically alert. Recording starts automatically to capture any potential events. If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam will notify you via voice alert upon restart.

 Dash Cam Front and Rear

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ADAS Dash Cam Specifications:

Parameter classification

Parameter item



Basic parameters


device integrate with ADAS cam

Product Type

4G DVR Car Video Terminal

network standard

4G Global Band



Front camera

(ADAS Camera)

1080P, MIPI Camera, H:112°V:55°

In-car camera

AHD 720P, with light sensor/infrared night vision,

DSM camera

AHD Camera, single pass, infrared night vision, H=60° V=42°

4th Channel camera

AHD 720P

Hardware function






Support: GPS+BDS




8 ohms 1.5 watts, 1 channel, with sound cavity


Built-in dual silicon microphone design


3-axis accelerometer


micro 5Pin USB

USB×1, data interface

BMW connector



Left turning signal cable

Right turning signal cable

SOS Cable (Panic button)



SIM card holder

Micro SIM

TF card holder

TF×2 (Card 1 and Card 2 support circular storage)

Power supply

Power supply

12V/24V power supply


Indicator light


Reset button

Long press the power button for 8 seconds to reset

indicator light

2-color indicator

Alarm key

Standard emergency alarm connector




GPS Antenna

Built-in ceramic antenna

4G antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

WIFI antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

Memory card

4G2TB, patented DXR streaming storage format

Electrical Specification

Operating temp.


Storage temp.


Static Protection

6KV contact, 10KV air

Vibration test

Car vibration

Current consumption

When the working voltage is 12V, the current is from 500mA to 1A (depending on whether the algorithm is turned on, etc.)

When ACC OFF: ≤3mA

Other quality requirements

According to JT/T794 standard (including hard test, soft test, reliability, quality, etc.)

Dash Cam Q&A

Where is your dash cam factory located?

Our headquarters are in Shenzhen, China, with factories in Dongguan and Wuhan, Hubei Province. The total area is 15,000 square meters, with mechanized production. You are welcome to visit.

What are the advantages of YUWEI's dash cams compared to other brands?

1. As a Chinese factory, we offer competitive prices for dash cams with similar performance.

2. We are one of the top dash cam manufacturers in China, ensuring product quality and continuous technological upgrades.

3. With a production area of 15,000 square meters, we can quickly deliver MDVR dash cam products for medium to large-sized fleets.

4. Our products are equipped with GPS and China's BDS dual positioning system, ensuring higher precision and reliability.

Do your dash cams support ADAS and DSM?

Our V5 dash cam supports ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) systems as you mentioned. Please feel free to purchase.

What about the quality of YUWEI's products?

Our products not only pass the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), but also FCC certification in the United States, CE certification in the European Union, UKCA certification in the United Kingdom, NBTC certification in Thailand, and we are continuously applying for compliance with regulations in other countries. With certifications from authoritative institutions, you can rest assured of the quality.

Where are your products currently being used?

Our dash cams and MDVR products are being used in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more. Currently, over 3000 fleets are using our products.

What types of fleets are dash cameras suitable for?

Our products are suitable for all types of vehicles, including buses, trucks, trailers, school buses, sanitation vehicles, dump trucks, excavators, trailers, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. If you are a fleet manager, please feel free to email us (hello@yuweitek.com) to discuss finding the best solution for your fleet.

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