360 Vehicle Camera Monitoring System

Date Time: August 25, 2022
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360 Vehicle Camera Monitoring System

The Yuwei 360 Vehicle Camera Monitoring System integrates satellite positioning monitoring, 1080P high-definition video monitoring, 4G wireless communication, emergency alarm, voice call, and rich expansion interface functions into a single terminal.

360 Vehicle Camera Monitoring System

Vehicle Camera Monitoring System Product Features:

1. HD real-time video

Supports 4-8 channels of full HD 1080P audio and video surveillance, utilizing H.265 high compression.

2. Multi-hard disk storage

Supports dual hard disks with multiple protection mechanisms, allowing continuous recording in turbulent environments.

3. Video storage

Supports 1-way SD card and mirror storage for disaster recovery.

4. Dual video signal output

Supports CVBS SD and VGA HD dual video signal output.

5. Full Netcom system

Supports 4G/3G/2G full Netcom standard and can accommodate dual SIM cards.

6. Dual-mode positioning

Supports GPS/BD dual-mode positioning.

7. External display terminal

Supports an external driver display terminal for data display and setting.

8. Multiple alarm modes

Supports multiple alarm mechanisms such as emergency alarm, speeding alarm, route deviation alarm, fatigue driving alarm, equipment failure alarm, etc.

Vehicle Camera Monitoring System Applications:

Automotive Active Safety ADASDMSBSD

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