Audible alarm

This is an intelligent audio and visual alarm device designed for use in dump trucks, buses, coaches, trucks, and special vehicles. It is equipped with a high-power speaker and a high-intensity flashing A light. It has an RS232 interface for setting alarm sounds and flashlights. The device has an aesthetically pleasing structure, easy installation, and is dustproof and waterproof, paired with an aviation connector.

Product Features

Specification parameters

Product Features
Sound and light alarm
Provide voice and sound and light alarms

With RS232 interface, standard communication protocol

Built-in car-grade high-power speakers

Built-in 4 bright LED lights, able to penetrate fog and rain

Designed with shutters to effectively reduce the impact of high-pressure water cannons

Beautiful structure, easy to install behind the car

Cable with aviation head

Stable and reliable, able to withstand high temperatures

Excellent seismic performance

Specification parameters

technical projects

Project detailed specifications


Speaker rated output power


Speaker   maximum output power


Speaker input sensitivity


Speaker frequency response range

200Hz ~ 12KHz

Speaker total harmonic distortion


Speaker signal-to-noise ratio


Speaker hum & noise


Speaker loudness


1m range

LED   lamp beads

4 pieces

LED   color

Two-color   (white + orange)

LED power

4 × 1W

Beam angle


Visible from three sides

Communication Interface


Serial port baud rate


waterproof level


metal shell

aluminum alloy

Operating temperature

-30 ℃~ 70 ℃

Operating Voltage

DC 12V

Output Interface

4-pin aviation connector

Line length


structure size

93.7mm(W) × 119.7mm(H) × 39mm(T)



Related questions and answers

Principle of Audible Alarm product

By utilizing the circuit of the reverse light, when the driver engages the reverse gear, the alarm relay is activated, causing a small electric horn to emit intermittent sound. Typically, we can hear a warning sound saying "Beep, Beep, Please be careful" when a truck is reversing, effectively preventing accidents during reversing.

Audible alarm is applicable for the following fleet of vehicles

This product can be a helpful assistant for truck drivers and bus drivers, effectively reducing and preventing reversing accidents for large vehicles with poor visibility (such as refrigerated trucks, container trucks, garbage trucks, food trucks, cargo trucks, construction vehicles, etc.). It is also suitable for nighttime reversing, reverse parking, and even acts as a deterrent against vehicle theft. The product is cost-effective and performs excellently.

How much does an Audible Alarm cost?

You can send your accessory requirements via email, and we will prepare a quotation document for you within 12 hours.


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