Best School Bus video Camera Systems

Date Time: February 24, 2023
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Best School Bus video Camera Systems

YUWEI is a wholesaleer of school bus camera systems. Today, it introduces the Best School Bus Video Camera System F4. F4 is a new generation of vehicle-mounted intelligent video terminal based on industrial-grade, high-speed processing chips. It integrates ADAS, DSM, BSD, and other intelligent driving warning systems, 4G/5G broadband multimedia wireless transmission, WIFI communication, maximum 6-channel DVR high-definition monitoring and video storage, and Beidou/GPS dual-mode high-precision positioning.

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It can be widely used in industries such as school buses, buses, construction machinery, and special fleets.

School Bus Camera System F4 Features


The terminal adopts H264/H265 video compression technology and special streaming media format to realize real-time monitoring, timing recording, event recording, and alarm recording functions for up to 6 channels. It supports 6-channel 720P analog high-definition video acquisition, and offers optional image resolutions of 720P/D1.

Mass Storage

Images and videos are stored using SD cards and hard disks (solid-state/mechanical) with capacities determined by customer choice. The unique patented streaming media file system ensures the security of video and data files in the vehicle environment.

Image Transfer

Surveillance video can be transmitted in real-time through 5G/4G wireless networks, with dual stream transmission and adjustable rates. It also supports remote picture capture and picture uploads based on alarm events.

Multimedia Analysis

Multimedia driving record analysis software allows for audio and video synchronous playback, conditional playback, clip storage, license plate overlay, geographic information and driving record overlay functions, event analysis, and record extraction functions.

Vehicle Monitoring

The system includes automatic monitoring and positioning functions, area setting, electronic fence functions, GPS mileage statistics, vehicle mileage statistics, blind spot supplementary report functions, track storage functions, and base station auxiliary positioning functions.

Signal Detection and Control

It offers 8-way signal input, 1-way output, and 5V power supply control.

Alarm Functions

The system supports various alarm functions including emergency alarms, parking overtime alarms, overspeed alarms, overspeed warnings, fatigue driving alarms, offline alarms, power failure alarms, low battery alarms, GPS failure alarms, and GPS/4G antenna open and short circuit alarms.

Dash CAM

The terminal has a vehicle driving recording function that continuously records and stores vehicle driving status data at intervals of 1 second. The recorded data includes the real-time time of the vehicle during driving, the corresponding average speed in every second interval, and the status signal of the corresponding time. The valid data records are stored for a minimum of 48 unit hours. The speed recording unit is kilometers per hour (km/h), and the measurement range is 0 km/h to 220 km/h.

Vehicle Driving Analysis

The system supports the analysis of driving behavior (sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, idling, sudden braking, etc.) using vehicle body data (CAN, analog signal data, etc.).

Cloud Guardian

It supports remote 'cloud' guardian functions such as remote fault diagnosis and debugging, remote automatic program maintenance, remote parameter configuration, and terminal operation statistics. This improves equipment installation and maintenance efficiency, saving time and cost.

Road Detection

The system realizes yaw, section speed limit reminders and alarms, entry/exit reports, and station association control.

Voice and Calls

It includes a remote monitoring function, voice prompter function, and TTS text voice broadcast function.

Voice Installation Assistant

It automatically detects external signal lines, external devices, and setting parameters. It uses voice mode for installation interactive detection prompts to help installers perform installation self-inspection and ensure correct equipment installation.

School Bus video Camera F4

F4, a cutting-edge high-definition intelligent Al mobile DVR. Built with an industri-al-grade core high-speed processing chip, it combines global 4G wireless transmis-sion, WIFI communication, DVR functionality, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

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School Bus Camera Systems Q&A

Do school buses have dashcams?

School buses do not always come equipped with dashcams, but their implementation significantly enhances student safety by deterring improper behavior, promoting responsible conduct, and improving driver safety. Therefore, it is recommended that all school buses be fitted with dashcams.

What are the benefits of installing dashcams on school buses?

Dashcams inside and outside the bus capture clear video and audio, aiding in addressing student discipline and driver safety concerns. YUWEI provides camera systems, fleet management, 360-degree panoramic cameras, and driver assistance for school and commercial fleets.

Do bus cameras have night vision capabilities?

School bus cameras help drivers see vehicles, obstacles, and children behind the bus. Our rearview monitors offer ultra-clear color images with built-in speakers, while our waterproof cameras feature infrared night vision. YUWEI is a leading provider of backup camera systems for the school bus industry.

Where are the CCTV cameras on buses located?

Externally, vehicles typically have five cameras: one forward-facing, two rear-facing, and one on each side for passing vehicles/pedestrians.

How much does a school bus camera system cost?

The cost of a single YUWEI vehicle camera is US$25. Our school bus camera system will be equipped with 5-8 vehicle cameras, as well as products such as Mobile DVR and vehicle display. You can get the specific cost with us ""
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