Taxi CCTV Camera System

Best Taxi CCTV Camera System

Date Time: June 12, 2024
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Taxi CCTV Camera System

As urbanization accelerates and economic development levels increase, the demand for transportation continues to grow. People require not only public transportation and long-distance travel but also convenient, fast, and comfortable urban taxi services to meet the demands of a fast-paced modern lifestyle. With a large number of taxis and drivers, incidents such as passengers leaving belongings in the car, disputes between drivers and passengers, and taxi accidents occur frequently. Effectively managing vehicle operations, ensuring passenger convenience and comfort, while also guaranteeing the safety of both drivers and passengers, is particularly important.

Taxi CCTV Camera System

Taxi Management Challenges

Violations in Driving

Most taxi drivers operate for extended hours, which can easily lead to fatigue and distractions. The majority of traffic accidents are caused by driver negligence and fatigue. Ensuring driver and passenger safety and effectively preventing accidents is crucial.


Vehicle Dispatch

Effective vehicle dispatch can rationally allocate regional vehicle resources and significantly improve passenger load rates.


Operational Data

With numerous vehicles generating vast amounts of operational data daily, including the number of passenger trips, fare amounts per trip, total daily earnings per vehicle, and total income of all vehicles, it is essential to access this data quickly and conveniently. This reduces manual operation time and provides a faster, more intuitive understanding of all vehicles' operational status.



For traffic accidents, lost passenger belongings, passenger complaints, and other issues, it is crucial to trace the vehicle's historical trajectory and audio-video data.


Passenger Satisfaction

The taxi industry belongs to the service sector, where competitiveness lies in service satisfaction. Knowing passenger satisfaction levels for each trip is crucial for improving service and the company’s brand image.

  Taxi CCTV Camera

Taxi CCTV Camera System Solution

Installing a 4G wireless MDVR in taxis and connecting it to cameras, taximeters, and evaluation devices, allows data transmission to the cloud platform via a 4G wireless network. This enables remote supervision, dispatch, and verification, among other functions. Additionally, it can connect to taxi LED advertising screens, increasing revenue for operating companies, and add active safety peripherals for driver fatigue detection and warnings, enhancing driving safety. The monitoring host transmits data in real-time to the cloud platform, forming various business reports, providing rich data support for taxi operating companies and government regulatory departments.


Taxi Camera System

Functions of the Taxi CCTV Camera System

- Real-time Video and Location Monitoring: View the inside and outside of the vehicle in real-time through the camera, and locate the vehicle's current position (GPS positioning).

- Historical Trajectory and Video Query: Store recordings on the hard drive or SD card of the monitoring host, and view historical videos and vehicle operation trajectories on the platform.

- Remote Command and Dispatch: The platform can directly contact the driver through a voice microphone connected to the monitoring host, supporting multi-person intercom functionality for better communication between drivers, improving passenger load rates.

- Active Safety Escort: The host's built-in active safety algorithm monitors the driver’s driving status in real-time, automatically alerting the driver in case of fatigue or improper driving operations. It also predicts road conditions and issues early warnings if potential dangers are detected.

- Driver Emergency Alert: The monitoring host can connect to an emergency button, allowing the driver to send a distress signal to the platform when in danger.

- Operational Amount Details: The monitoring host collects and reports fare amounts from the taximeter to the platform, generating reports that can show detailed income statistics for each vehicle over selected time periods.

- Service Quality Display: The monitoring host can connect to a service evaluation device, allowing passengers to rate their trip at the end, and uploading the evaluation data to the platform to gauge overall service satisfaction.

- Driver Identity Recognition: The monitoring host can perform facial recognition through the camera or connect to an external ID card reader. The host collects and reports the driver's identity to the platform, allowing management to query which driver was operating a vehicle during specific periods and the duration of operation.

- Roof Light Text Editing: Remotely edit and distribute taxi roof light advertisements and promotional slogans for advertising or public welfare announcements.

- Operational Data Reports: The platform offers comprehensive report functions, including detailed fare reports, vehicle operation time reports, trajectory reports, mileage statistics, and active safety alert reports.

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