Best two way Dash Cam

Best two way Dash Cam for price

Date Time: June 29, 2024
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Best two way Dash Cam

V5 integrates the interior camera into the main unit for easy installation, supporting dual 1080P real-time HD video recording, 4G network HD live streaming and playback for the dash cam. Best two way dash cam for price.

 two way dash cam

Dash cam features:

H.265 video encoding

Dual 1080P HD

GPS/BDS dual-mode positioning

4G full-network

TF card video storage

Indoor intelligent infrared night vision

Emergency video upload

3-axis G-sensor

Cloud server storage

Parking monitoring

Smart Dash Cam Specifications

- Device Appearance: Integrated with ADAS camera

- Network Standard: 4G global bands

- Memory: 256MB (flash) + 1GB (DDR)



- Front Camera (ADAS Camera): 1080P, MIPI camera, horizontal: 112°, vertical: 55°

- In-Car Camera: AHD 720P, with light sensor/infrared night vision

- DSM Camera: AHD camera, single channel, infrared night vision, H=60°, V=42°

- Fourth Channel Camera: HD 720P


best two way dash cam

two way car dash cam

Hardware Functions

- Global Positioning System: Supports GPS+BDS

- Wireless Networking: 802.11b/g/n

- Speaker: 8 ohms 1.5 watts, 1 channel, with sound cavity

- Microphone: Built-in dual silicon microphones

- Accelerometer: 3-axis accelerometer



- Mini 5-Pin USB: USB×1, data interface

- BMW Connector:

  - Power+/GND

  - ACC

  - Left turn signal wire

  - Right turn signal wire

  - SOS cable (emergency button)

- RS232: 1 RS232

- SIM Card Slot: Micro SIM

- TF Card Slot: TF×2 (Card 1, Card 2 support loop storage)

- Power Supply: 12V/24V power


Buttons and Indicators

- Reset Button: Long press the power button for 8 seconds to reset

- Indicator Light: Dual-color indicator

- Alarm Button: Standard emergency alarm connector



- GPS Antenna: Built-in ceramic antenna

- 4G Antenna: Built-in FPC+IPEX seat

- WIFI Antenna: Built-in FPC+IPEX seat


Storage Card

- Storage Capacity: 4G to 2TB, patented DXR streaming storage format


two way car dash cam manufacturer

Electrical Specifications

- Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃

- Storage Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

- Static Protection: 6KV contact, 10KV air

- Vibration Test: Automotive vibration

- Current Consumption:

  - Working voltage at 12V, current 500mA~1A (depending on whether the algorithm is enabled, etc.)

  - ACC OFF: ≤3mA


Other Quality Requirements

- According to European and American standards (including hard tests, soft tests, reliability, quality, etc.)

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